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Applying for Erasmus+(OUTBOUND Students)



  Erasmus+ Programme




DkIT is proud to have been awarded the Erasmus University Charter for the new Erasmus+ Programme (2014 - 2020) . The programme gives students a unique opportunity to participate in Study or Traineeships in an EU participating country for a period of 2 months to 1 year, and enables staff to undertake short teaching assignments, or training visits at a recognized partner college or enterprise.  Study abroad will:

  • Deepen and broaden your knowledge of your study programme
  • Add an invaluable Erasmus+ focus to your studies
  • Enhance your employability and earning power after graduation
  • Contribute to your personal growth and development
  • Enable you to network and team-work with learners from all over Europe
  • Provide you with opportunities to meet people and see and do things while abroad, which you would never get to do at home
  • Challange your to learn a new language
  • Develop your intercultural competence.


To learn about the benefits that study abroad brings to your academic life, your career, and your personal development, see


Student Testimonials

 Erasmus Business Studies graduate, Chad Conroy shares his Erasmus story!


DkIT Creative Media students share their Erasmus story at and at

Business Studies students who went on Erasmus said....

“My study abroad year in Lyon really was the best college year of my life. The experience was something that is going to benefit me in the future both in my personal life and working career. If I could do it all again I definitely would!”

(Niall Cunningham – Universite Catholique de Lyon - France)

“Over the months that I have been on the Erasmus programme in Heilbronn, I can easily describe it as the best experience of my life. The subject choices are very broad and you can choose which modules you wish to take All the classes are performed in a very professional manner. The people that I met from countries all over Europe and the World were amazing.

I could not have imagined that this year could have been so good, it hugely exceeded expectations. Between meeting new friends, travelling all over Europe and benefiting from the experience of the German academic system. I can honestly say that it was the best experience of my life!”

(Daryl O’Flaherty – University of Heilbronn, Germany)

“I involved myself in everything and this is probably why I enjoyed my time in Finland so much. The real benefits to me from my exchange year abroad were the people I met along the way. This was because I learnt new ideas, broadened my mind, and adapted to new cultures. For the first time, I had to work on real life projects in another country with many students from different countries. I believe I will reap the rewards from this in the future. I have got a new network of connections throughout the World in countries such as South Korea, China, Hungary and Slovenia. The highlight of my trip to Finland was one week in Lapland”

(Wayne Comiskey – Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – Finland)


The Next Step?

Check out the Institute's 60+ partner colleges

Fill in and return an Expression of Interest Form to Include your preferences 1 and 2 of partner college.

Make an appointment with the Erasmus Coordinator ( to review your application.

DkIT International Office will guide you with the supporting documentation needed for study abroad.

Students going abroad in the academic year 2017/2018 can access study abroad booklet here.