Department of Humanities

Department of Humanities in the School of Business & Humanities at DkIT.

Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities offers a range of programmes across the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. The Institute has a long history of Humanities education, with the first programmes established as early as 1996. The Department began by focusing on areas such as Cultural Studies and Multimedia, before growing to encapsulate Sports, Social Care, Youth Work and Arts.

The Department now offers a range of programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level including Arts, Social Care, Youth Work and Sports, as well as Foundation Studies for international learners. The Department continues to build its part-time provision with certificates in areas including cultural landscapes, archaeological excavation and recording, and athlete monitoring technology.

The Department is based in the School of Business and Humanities and students engaging in our programmes have access to a range of facilities including DkIT Sport, an on-campus teaching gym, theatre space and art rooms. Many of our programmes include work placement, while students often meet our industry partners through guest lectures and workshops.

Our graduates have proven to be leaders in their fields, with many working across the north east region, making strong contributions to local life and society. We look forward to welcoming you to DkIT!

Dr Annaleigh Margey   
Acting Head of Department of Humanities

Why Humanities at DkIT?

Endorsed and Certification

Courses are endorsed and certified by a range of professional bodies, inlcuding NSETS and Active IQ. 

Work placement available to Social Care, Youth Work and Sports students.

Strong research ethos and home to two research groups – The Humanities Research Group and SOCIETY


International Foundation Courses

In order to accommodate international students at DkIT and ensure the programmes we offer meet their learning needs, we have developed three International Foundation Programmes.

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  • Ms. Brenda Murnaghan
  • Department of Humanities