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Oreoluwa Olateju


"I would recommend this course if you’re passionate about making a positive change in someone’s life and if you like to take care of people"

Oreoluwa Olateju is a 1st Year BA (Hons) in Social Care student from Rathangan, Co. Kildare, and a Rugby Sports Scholarship student at DkIT.

Oreoluwa who plays tighthead prop with Portdara Falcons, trains weekly with her home team along with training twice a week with the DkIT Ladies Rugby Team.

Oreoluwa played various sports throughout her years in school and was reluctant to play Rugby until she tried it out;

In secondary school I played sports like basketball and GAA, but they weren't really for me. My friend’s dad suggested that I try rugby. At first, I was reluctant but ever since my first rugby training session I loved it and continued playing.

Since starting her career in Rugby, Oreoluwa had the lucky opportunity to play on the Leinster U18s girls’ team;

Before getting on the team there was series of trial games against different regions of Leinster. After the trials I was selected amongst other girls all over Leinster. Playing with this team was a massive achievement for me. While playing with this team I felt a sense of pride as a lot of other girls would have loved the opportunity I had to play with this team.”

Oreoluwa noted how younger girls can feel somewhat afraid to play rugby as it can be associated as being a ‘rough’ sport. Wanting to be an advocate to younger girls and to encourage them to play the sport, she offers some advice to those who may be interested in taking up rugby;

How I would encourage rugby for girls especially is to start off with tag rugby. This will slowly allow potential girls to get an understanding of the game without the contact (tackling and rucking). I believe that rugby is important to women because they feel empowered and proud to play a sport that is stereotyped for men which sets a good example for girls everywhere.”

As a sports scholar and a student of DkIT, Oreoluwa has first-hand experience of the sporting facilities on offer on campus;

The sports facilities in DkIT that are relevant to rugby and training are the gym and the indoor and outdoor pitches. When the weather is bad the indoor pitches are very helpful because it is like playing on a real pitch. The gym is really good for strength and conditioning.”

Oreoluwa tries her best to balance her study and sport, but admits it can be difficult at times;

Trying to find a balance between sport and college work can be difficult at times due to many reasons. For me I do try to stay on top of my college work, but I do try as much as possible to make sure that I take time to play the sport that I love. If I can’t train because of college assignments I try to go the gym and improve my fitness.”

Studying the BA (Hons) in Social Care, Oreoluwa enjoys her course and the support she receives from her lecturers;

I enjoy the course, it very interesting and I have lecturers who explain everything so clearly and well. I would recommend this course if you’re passionate about making a positive change in someone’s life and if you like to take care of people. Tutorials would be my favourite type of classes because there is a smaller amount of people in the class which allows for more interaction between you and your lecturer. It allows you to recap on the lectures and ask any other questions that you may have had from the lectures.

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