The information on fees is the latest available at the time of going to press but is subject to change by the Department of Education, the Examining Bodies and the Governing Body. 

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Undergraduate Student Contribution Fees:

The Student Contribution fee is payable by all students who do not qualify for grants or scholarships. The Student Contribution Fee for 2018/19 is €3,000.

DkIT Facilities Contribution Fee:

Registered DkIT students are also obliged to pay the DkIT Facilities Contribution Fee of €125. Please contact our Admissions Team for more information by emailing admissions@dkit.ie or calling  +353 (0)429370230.

Undergraduate Tuition Fees :

Tuition Fees on Undergraduate Courses are paid by the Department of Education on behalf of all students who qualify. Students who qualify are students who are citizens of member states of the European Union who are undertaking full-time undergraduate courses at Certificate, Diploma and Degree level for the first time. Some non-EU students may qualify, depending on their legal status. For more information on Fee Collection please veiw the DkIT Procedures for Collection of Student Fees.

Click here for the criteria for determining your fee payment status.

Undergraduate Fees - EU Students (2018/19)

EU Student Tuition Fee Student Contribution Fee Total Cost per credit Rate Includes Examination Fee
Higher Certificate- Level 6 €250.00 €3,000.00 €3,250.00 €54.17 per credit
Ordinary Degree- Level 7 €250.00 €3,000.00 €3,250.00 €54.17 per credit
Pre-Registration Nursing
Degree- Level 8
€4,106.00 €3,000.00 €7,106.00  €118.43 per credit
Architecture or Engineering Degree – Level 8 (B.Eng. only) €1,450.00 €3,000.00 €4,450.00 €74.17 per credit
Honours Degree- Level 8 €819.00 €3,000.00 €3,819.00 €63.65 per credit
Student Contribution Fee Only   €3,000.00    


Apprentice Capitation  Facilities Fee  Total
Carpentry & Joinery- Phase 4 €1,000.00   €1,000.00
Carpentry & Joinery- Phase 6 €1,000.00   €1,000.00
Electrical – Phase 4 €1,000.00   €1,000.00
Electrical – Phase 6 €1,000.00   €1,000.00
Motor Mechanic – Phase 4 €1,000.00   €1,000.00
Motor Mechanic – Phase 6 €1,000.00   €1,000.00
Plumbing- Phase 4 €1,000.00   €1,000.00
Plumbing- Phase 6 €1,000.00   €1,000.00

*The fees above are subject to confirmation from the Department of Education/HEA.

Northern Ireland/UK Applicant Fees

Northern Ireland/UK students are charged the same Student Contribution Fee and Tuition Fee (if applicable) as other EU students.

Northern Ireland/UK students may apply to the Student Loans Company for a Student Contribution Loan to cover the cost of the Student Contribution - the maximum amount available is currently €3,000. This is an interest bearing repayable loan. The Student Contribution Fee will be paid directly to DkIT by the Student Loans Company upon receipt of an invoice from the Institution. You may also be entitled to a Maintenance Loan to help with living costs.

Further details on student finance are available at: www.studentfinanceni.co.uk

Part-Time Applicant Fees

The Institute can receive payment:

  • Online
  • Debit/Credit Card 
  • Giro
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash

Payments should be made directly to the Lifelong Learning Office. For more information, please contact the Lifelong Learning Office T: +353 (0)429370290 E: parttime@dkit.ie

All fees must be paid by applicants prior to the start of a part-time programme. The Lifelong Learning Centre are happy to accept tuition fee payments in weekly, twice a month or monthly instalments as long as the fee is paid in full prior to the commencement of the programme. An exception to this is where employers issue written confirmation that they are to be billed for their student’s fees. Invoices are then issued to the employer by the LLLC 1-4 weeks after the programme commences.

The cost of each course is clearly marked on the Course Detail Pages. View all Part-Time Courses

International Students Undergraduate Fees (2018/19)

Non-EU Students Total Fee
Higher Certificate- Level 6 €10,245.00
Ordinary Degree- Level 7 €10,245.00
Pre-Registration Nursing
Degree- Level 8
Architecture or Engineering Degree – Level 8 (B.Eng. only) €10,245.00
Honours Degree- Level 8 €10,245.00

Payment in Instalments (Undergraduate):

Students may pay fees in two instalments. Where a student opts to pay in instalments, 50% of fees must be paid at time of registration. Instalment 2 is due by 31 January. Failure by a student to pay outstanding fees will result in services being withdrawn. Students with fees owing to the Institute will not be permitted to register until such time as the outstanding fees are paid in full.Final year students with outstanding fees will not be recorded as a graduate and no complete results or complete academic record will be issued, until full payment of all outstanding fees is made.

The Institute may offer a facility to pay in instalments outside this general scheme where financial hardship is demonstrated or for specific programmes or student cohorts. Determination of eligibility of students for payment by instalment resides with the Fee Collection Committee (See Section 9 of the Procedures for Collection of Student Fees) for full-time students and the Lifelong Learning Manager for part-time students in consultation with other Institute personnel as appropriate.

Students who miss an instalment payment date may have services withdrawn.

Full information of Payment of Fees can be found by clicking below:

Fees Policies & Payment Procedures: 

You can view and download the DkIT Undergraduate Fees Policy by clicking below.

You can view and download the DkIT Payment Procedures for all students (Undergraduate, Part-Time, PostGraduate & International) by clicking below:

Guidance on Tax Relief for Third Level Fees:

Revenues IT31 leaflet outlining the tax relief available for Third Level Education tuition fees paid by an individual is available on the Revenue website:

Withdrawal / Deferral from Course: Important notice to all students

If you are considering deferring your place or withdrawing from your course it is most important that you contact the Admissions Office to notify the Institute that you are deferring or withdrawing. Failure to do this can affect your refund of fees paid and may also result in you being liable for tuition fees if you resume your studies at a later date. Please note that it is not enough to verbally notify a Lecturer or Head of Department that you are leaving or deferring, please contact the Admissions Office and fill in one of the below forms: 

Contact our Admissions Team

  • Admissions Team
  • Dr. T.K. Whitaker Building