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Students Union

Founded in 1989, the DkIT Students’ Union is a democratic organisation, led by elected officers, responsible for representing the interests of its members (ie. DkIT Students) to the Institute and externally. Every year a president and vice president are elected to run the Student Union. 

While the Students Union is part of the Institute, is an autonomous organisation with its own rules and regulations. It's not all about organising events and hanging out playing pool y'know! The regulations we abide by are set out in the Students' Union Constitution and define who is allowed to be a member of the Union, what kind of activities the Union can carry out, who is responsible for the management of the Union, and so on.

Student Accommodation

Purpose-built student apartments, with spaces for approx 550 students are a short walk from the main campus. There is also a large supply of newly built apartments and houses, suitable for renting, beside the campus.

Students can also choose to avail of "digs" with families. further details in accommodation services can be obtained from the Students' Union Accommodation Service. See the SU website for more details.