Kate Finnamore

Higher Diploma in Midwifery, 2016 - 2018

“The higher diploma programme was very practically based and gave me the real life learning needed to develop my skills to becoming a competent Midwife”

Kate Finnamore

Said Kate Finnamore from Louth, who recently completed the Higher Diploma in Midwifery course at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

"I chose DkIT as when I completed my leaving certificate I was living in Louth and was aware of the fabulous new nursing facilities available in DkIT. Through both my General and Midwifery studies I have always felt that the lecturers were approachable and being a smaller third level institution this allowed a greater level of flexibility."

"The nursing and midwifery programme within DkIT are regional courses, which means as a student you are afforded the opportunity of working within different hospitals and allowed to experience different hospital ethos within each hospital group, which for my own experience gave another layer to my learning. I feel this greatly helped me when I moved to different hospital groups later in my career, making the change less daunting."

"The higher diploma programme was very practically based and gave me real-life learning I needed to develop my skills to become a competent Midwife. We had an exceptional group of lecturers who together had a huge body of knowledge and experience working in all sorts of cultures, conditions and models of care. As adult learners within our own group there was vastly differing views on certain elements of our learning, which lead to interesting debate in a safe learning environment created by our lecturers, where everyone felt heard and respected."

"I would highly recommend DkIT its is a warm and supportive learning environment, and ideal for anyone looking for real life skills and knowledge to bring with you into your exciting and dynamic new career as a midwife!"


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