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Nanoscale Sensors and Materials Research Group

The Nanoscale Sensors and Materials Research Group at Dundalk Institute of Technology, which was established in 2008, carries out internationally recognised translational research within the field of electrochemistry, combining aspects of fundamental physical chemistry, surface chemistry and synthetic inorganic / organic chemistry for the development of novel nanostructured materials.

These materials are then surface immobilised through the application of electrochemical techniques and self-assembly methods onto a range of surface types, conducting (i.e. platinum, carbon, gold), semiconducting (i.e. Indium tin Oxide, Silicon) and non-conducting (i.e. glass). The group employs a range of techniques, such as, electrochemistry, spectroscopy and surface techniques to investigate and characterise the behaviour of our systems.

The specific technological based applications which the group are actively exploring include:

  • Nanostructured semiconductor surfaces for molecular electronics and memory devices
  • Sensor arrays for environmental water monitoring
  • Nanostructured surfaces for energy storage technology

Key collaborators include:

  • Prof Tadaharu Ueda, Kochi University, Japan
  • Prof Robert Forster and Prof Tia Keyes (Dublin City University)
  • Prof Ulrich Kortz, University of Bremen, Germany
  • Prof Anna Proust, Marie Curie University, Paris, France
  • Prof Ulrich Kortz, Bremen University, Germany


Looking for more information?

  • Dr Tim McCormac
  • Head of Research