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New Solo Album from DkIT Music Graduate

04 October 2019

New Solo Album, 'Gaps Between Stars', from DkIT Music Graduate Aodán Coyne will be released on November 22nd. 

DkIT music graduate Aodán Coyne’s new solo album, ‘Gaps Between Stars’, will be released on November 22nd. “Chance & Gamble”, the first single from the album, is about following your heart, taking on life’s challenges, pushing forward while dealing with self-doubt and naysayers and choosing between security and the turbulent life of following dreams. It’s about taking all that negativity and using it as fuel.

Say that line again, say it, and I’ll show you what’s possible when you push yourself.”

Passionate words spoken by the man who first picked up a guitar at the age of 14 in his home town of Ennis, Co. Clare. His father’s collection of folk records introduced to the teenage Aodán instilled a love for Steely Dan and Bob Dylan amongst others. Aodán was inspired by his father’s collection and having tackled dyslexia in his youth he honed a unique song writing style, in part to combat the stigma. Aodán’s band Socks In The Frying Pan was born out of a series of casual music sessions. Within a short time, Aodán together with friends Shane and Fiachra Hayes clicked musically, and they turned professional in 2008. The trio now have an enviable touring schedule particularly in the USA and on the continent. To decide then to release a solo album in parallel would be, to some, a non-enviable task. Not Aodán! Aodán released his debut long play in 2014 (If We Only Knew) and once he had the concept for his new album, within six months it was written. The writing location being the outskirts of Ennis overlooking the beautiful lake of Ballyalla, a surge of scenic calm in the midst of the creator’s hectic schedule.

To record the album, Aodán teamed up with the same production team behind Emma Langford’s award winning album, 'Quiet Giant', Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy at The Production Suite, Dublin.

Upcoming shows include:

19: Ruth Smiths and Conor Byrnes 'Samhain Satsong', Hotel Doolin, County Clare

1-18: Touring Holland, Denmark and France with the band
20: Bridge of Song Gig, Castlebar, County Mayo
22: Album launch, Sanctuary Bar Queens Hotel, Ennis, County Clare
28: The Washerwoman, Glasnevin, Dublin (with Emma Langford)

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