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New Companies at RDC & Millmount

02 February 2017

The Regional Development Centre (RDC) at Dundalk Institute of Technology and Millmount Development Centre Drogheda has welcomed 2 new tenant companies over the past month. Meet the newest companies on campus:


Founded in 2015 Aromabump is led by Lisa Heeney who is an experienced reflexologist and Tisserand-trained aromatherapist.  Since 2001, her work as The Pregnancy Reflexologist has seen her offering of pregnancy-specific treatments to her clients evolving to develop and create her own range of pregnancy-specific body products that are hand-crafted and use only natural and ethically sourced ingredients like Irish beeswax, organic butters and oils, and essential oils. These products are unique in terms of their focus on the pregnancy-specific markets and draw on an extensive professional and personal knowledge. Lisa has also recently published her book “AromaBump, The Belly Bible for Aromatherapy in Pregnancy”

We would like to wish Lisa and the team at Aromabump every success with their ambitions and encourage you to connect with and welcome our new tenant.

Connect with Aromabump:

Twitter:    @AromaBump


Office:   Unit 7 at Millmount Development Centre, Drogheda


Slimmers Mist

Led by Martin Murphy, Slimmers Mist Ltd have developed NutriChrome Metabolise® which is a new and revolutionary product, specifically designed to promote normal macronutrient metabolism, reduce sugar cravings and contribute to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Instantly satisfying taste buds, NutriChrome Metabolise delivers nutrients to the body that will curb unwanted cravings. Sugar cravings are considered to be the number one cause of most unsuccessful diets. With NutriChrome Metabolise, you no longer need to worry about those unwanted cravings.

The product is dispensed and sprayed orally into the mouth offering optimal absorption into the bloodstream and delivering essential nutrients faster than conventional food supplement tablets or capsules.

Containing active ingredients Chromium Polynicotinate, L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia Extract 60%, Coffea Arabica Extract 45% Green Tea Extract, Propolis, Glucomannan, and with a delicious fruit-based flavour, NutriChrome Metabolise increases the feeling of satiety as well as acting as an appetite suppressant, satisfying the brains emotional association with sugar cravings. This product offers a calming effect by reducing the anxiety experiences caused by sugar cravings.

Best taken alongside a healthy diet, NutriChrome Metabolise provides you with an aid to control your cravings, contributes to normal blood glucose level and helps you maintain normal macronutrient metabolism, supporting you on your way to long term weight loss and a happy, healthy lifestyle.

We would like to wish Martin and the team at Slimmers Mist every success with their ambitions and encourage you to connect with and welcome our new tenants

Connect with Slimmers Mist:

Office:   Unit 44, Regional Development Centre, Dundalk