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Dundalk Institute of Technology - Google HashCode 2018

15 March 2018

Google HashCode Competition, a global event featuring hundreds of teams from all over the world. Hashcode is all about solving problems, this year our DkIT teams first problem was, battling the Beast From the East.

The three DkIT teams would normally work from the campus but this year had to remotely connect and work through Skype. On the day the teams were given truly futuristic challenges which involved the efficient and effective navigation of self-driving cars.

One of our teams, “Potato.hashcode v.0.0.2” scored 41,929,622 points on the day, this ranked them 9th among 65 teams national wide. Our other two teams also did us proud with very impressive scores of more than 12 million. This year we had 3 teams from our ACM Student Chapter, with students from First through Fourth Year and we are hoping that next year we will have an even greater number of teams.

The teams could not have done so well without the helps and mentoring from the lecturers: Dr. Caroline Sheedy and Dr. Derek Flood. They worked closely with the ACM Student Chapter and the IT Learning Center to organized training and practice sessions weekly when preparing for the competition. Not only that these supports prepared the teams for the coming competitions, it also engendered the passion for programming and problem solving among the students.

Derek O'Reilly

Senior Lecturer in Computing