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DkIT Celebrate 50 years of Engineering Education

20 May 2022

Dundalk Institute of Technology were proud to launch the opening of an exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of Engineering Education at the Institute. This exhibition has been devised, to celebrate all the people who have supported, developed, and shaped engineering education in the north-east for over half a century.

The story began in Chapel Street in the early 1900’s with the Dundalk Municipal Technical School which became the corner stone of engineering education in Dundalk. “Technical education is the watchword of the 20th century”. That insightful statement was made in 1907 by Cardinal Logue at the opening of the new Municipal Technical School in Chapel Lane in Dundalk. This declaration showed remarkable intuition in predicting the technological revolution that was to transform not just this world but the social fabric and wellbeing of this country. The Engineering education story continued as it evolved into Dundalk Regional Technical College, students were first enrolled in the college in 1971 and the institution was later re-defined as an Institute of Technology in 1997.  From the beginnings of the college as we know it, the Engineering School has very much been the heart and part of the foundations of the Institute. During its 50-year history Engineering education has morphed and progressed in both its training and outputs and thousands of highly regarded and skilled graduates have left their impact both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Tom Dooley, Head of Engineering School said at the event

The Engineering School in DkIT has played a pivotal role in defining and developing the region over the last 50 years. This exhibition is very much a celebration of everyone that has passed through the Engineering School doors and a commemoration of those who have supported and delivered the high-quality education that continues to be a hallmark of the School. Engineering in its very essence is the creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes that safely realise solutions to the needs of society. Over 5 decades the School has produced craftpersons, technicians and engineers capable of applying scientific principles to solve problems for the advancement and development of our region , the State and society  generally.’

The School of Engineering at DkIT is comprised of three engineering departments which includes the Department of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, the Department of the Built Environment and the Department of Engineering Trades & Civil Engineering. The School offers a broad range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level across areas including mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, civil engineering, construction management, architectural technology, building surveying, in addition to the provision of engineering trades.

For the past two decades and particularly over the last decade DKIT has further developed its programmes and research into the existential societal challenges of climate change and sustainability.  With our partners in the SFI national centre MAREI and through CREDIT we offer access to cutting edge Renewable Energy Research.  This includes research to PhD and Master Level with programmes which include Bio-energy, Marine Renewables, Solar energy and Wind energy.

The Engineering School at Dundalk Institute of Technology has, since its beginnings, been a major national provider of engineering trade apprenticeship education, this has been exemplified with many of its apprentices having won both national skill and world skills competitions over the decades.  The School has also substantially increased its provision for apprenticeships in the last 12 months and further expansion is currently being developed.

The exhibition is open to the public, 20th May 10am – 5pm, Saturday 21st May 10am-2pm, Monday 23rd May to Thursday 26th May 10am – 6pm

Watch our 50 years of Engineering Education video here:



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