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Medical Insurance and Healthcare

This page was updated in June 2022.

International (non-EEA) students are required to have health insurance cover when coming to Ireland and residing in Ireland for the purpose of full-time study. Health insurance is necessary to protect you as an international student in the event of Illness, Accident, Hospitalisation and Repatriation. If you require a study visa for Ireland, you will be required to show evidence of a valid health insurance policy as part of your visa application, covering you from date of your arrival in Ireland to the planned date of your departure. The health insurance policy must be in English. The company you are purchasing the health insurance policy from must be regulated by the Health Insurance Authority of Ireland (HIA).

All non-EEA international students intending to study in Ireland for more than 12 months are classed as ‘Ordinarily Resident’. A consequence of this ruling is that it is not possible for the Institute to apply the discounted Group Health Insurance scheme since September 2021. Price plans of health insurance policies for international students may vary every year, according to the insurance provider, according to your age and according to the duration of your study-programme.

You will need to select and purchase your preferred health insurance product prior to registering each year on your programme.

First-time Registration

If you are travelling to Ireland to register for a programme of study for one academic year (e.g Foundation Programme, or a one-year Taught Masters Programme) you can purchase a MediCover Comprehensive Medical Expenses policy underwritten by Irish Life Health and Chubb.  To purchase this policy online see For queries contact the broker at or by phone to +353 (0)1 6395800 or by Whatsapp to +353 (0) 83 378 8124.

Please note that the above policy is only available to students registering on a programme in Ireland for a duration of 12 months or less.

Please note that Immigration guidelines for first-time registered students advise that a Travel Policy may be acceptable for newly-arrived, first-time international students in Ireland, in circumstances where:

  • The travel insurance covers you for 12 months, or you are staying in Ireland for less than one year for the entirety of your stay;
  • The insurance coverage covers you at a minimum of €25,000 for Accident and €25,000 for Disease;
  • The insurance coverage covers you for any period of hospitalization.

For Immigration guidelines see here for more information regarding the above.

Note: if you decide after completing your one-year programme, to remain in Ireland to continue your studies on a new multi-year programme (e.g registering on a 3-year, or 4-year Bachelor programme) and you purchased an initial Travel Insurance policy for your first programme registration, you will be required by Immigration to purchase a private medical insurance for your second and subsequent registrations.

Private medical insurance options (known to the Institute) include:

Study and Protect (provider of health insurance plan: Study in Ireland (underwriter Irish Life Health and Chubb)

Policies offered by Study and Protect include:
  • MediCover Comprehensive Medical Expenses Policy (referenced above) for students registering for the first-time on a programme of not more than 12 months duration.
  • StudyandProtect Policy (for multi-year programme registrations, e.g 3-year/4-year Bachelor programmes).
  • Graduate Medicover Policy (for students applying for 12-month 1G visa). 

To purchase any of these policies online, see To discuss with the broker email Arachas at: (phone: +353 (0)1 6395800, or or by Whatsapp to +353 (0) 83 378 8124.

VHI (PublicPlus Care Plan (underwriter: VHI)

For more details, contact Halligan insurance brokers at  (Email: Phone: +353 (0)1 879 7100.

EU Students

European students (including Erasmus students) are advised to have a valid health insurance policy when registering at the Institute. Most EU students provide an EHIC Card. Please note however that the EHIC Card may not provide you with adequate cover in the Irish public health system and it is recommended that students have additional private medical insurance in place to have choice of hospitals, consultations, treatment plan and repatriation if needed.

Students will find helpful information about the EHIC at VisaGuide.World

Out-of-Hours Doctor Service

International students requiring emergency medical care at evenings and at weekends can access the Emergency Medical Clinic for a fee of €50.

The Emergency Number is (0353) 042 9320038. This emergency number is available after 18:00 hours Monday to Friday, all day at Weekends and Bank Holidays. When you phone the out-of-hours Doctor service, an automated answering-service will provide you with a contact mobile number of the Doctor on call. Have a pen and paper ready when you phone, to write down the mobile number. When you ring the mobile number, you will be given contact details for the Doctor-on-Call in County Louth. (Please note the practice may be located anywhere in the county and you may need to take a taxi).

You are advised to keep your receipts for any costs you may wish to claim for. 

Health Unit on Campus

DkIT has a Health Unit on campus, in the event of you getting ill. You will be seen by the Nurse/Doctor free-of-charge, as a registered student of the Institute. The service is open daily and is located in the Faulkner Building. 

More Information about the Health Unit


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