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Strategic Plan 2024-2028

Dundalk Institute of Technology’s mission, vision, values and strategic pillars set out its ambition for the period 2024-2028.


Dundalk Institute of Technology’s mission, vision, values and strategic pillars set out its ambition for the period 2024-2028. These are aligned to the strategic areas identified in the HEA’s System Performance Framework and reflect the ambitions of the Institute across five keys areas as determined by the needs of the students, staff and the wider communities within the region.

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A Student Centred Strategy


Dundalk Institute of Technology places, at the centre of its strategy, the student and the student experience in delivering work-ready, globally-minded graduates with the necessary skills and attributes to work and live in an ever-changing world.

The student journey starts at the recruitment phase where the Institute engages with schools, Further Education (FE) Colleges and other key stakeholders to attract students to study at the Institute. Their first encounter and experience of the Institute is that of a welcoming campus where they are individually valued. It is critically important that our students know when they graduate that the Institute has prepared them for the ever-changing and ever-challenging working world as well as equipping them with life skills.

The Institute is committed to ensuring that it creates a vibrant campus community that is connected, safe, inclusive and caring. The Institute seeks to enhance its Student Experience and Success Strategy to reflect the ethos of Support – Belong - Empower for its diverse student cohorts. The Institute is committed to supporting our students to engage fully in college life and thrive in a vibrant college community.

It is critical that students have a voice and feel they are co-creators in enhancing their student experience. The Institute will work closely with its student body in fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity by creating a campus culture that celebrates diversity, encourages collaboration and ensures every student feels valued, connected and a vital part of our community. Through the learning experience students will feel empowered to develop transferable skills and to gain valuable experience for their future lives and careers.

The Institute is committed to strengthen the relationship with our Alumni to enable lifelong connections to benefit current, past and future students. These connections are key to future collaborative engagements with our Alumni to support the development of the Institute within the region.

The student-centred approach is reflected in all aspects of the Strategic Plan in its teaching and learning, access and participation, research and innovation and engagement goals, objectives and key performance indicators.


DkIT provides quality, accessible and inclusive student-centred practice-based higher education and apprenticeship provision to meet the educational, social, economic and cultural development of the North-East and cross-border region and beyond.


To be a sustainable, accessible and impactful University campus of choice for students, employers and the community in the region and beyond.


Our values set out the Institute’s ethos, which guides and underpins our strategy. We place students at the centre of our strategy and this is reflected in how we approach and deliver on all that we do.

  • Inclusive
  • Sustainable
  • Collaborative
  • Innovative

Download Strategic Plan 2024 — 2028

This Strategic Plan 2024-2028 plots a new trajectory for DkIT in driving globally connected educational, economic social and cultural development in the region. 

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