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Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Leading and Shaping the Future of Higher Education in the North Leinster-South Ulster Region.


Dundalk Institute of Technology’s mission, vision, values and strategic priorities sets out its ambition for the period 2020-2023. These are aligned to the strategic areas identified in the HEA’s Mission-based Performance Compacts and reflect the ambitions of the Institute across five key areas as determined by the needs of the learners, staff and the region. 


DkIT provides learner-centred graduate-focused higher education and craft apprenticeships, driving and inspiring globally connected educational, economic, social and cultural development in North Leinster-South Ulster.


DkIT will be the unequivocal leader for higher education and craft apprenticeships, and the engine for growth and social cohesion, in the globally connected North Leinster-South Ulster region through the achievement of Technological University status and Cross-Border Alliances.


Our values set out the Institute’s ethos, which guides and underpins our strategy

    • Learner-Centredness
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
    • Transparency and Accountability

Download Strategic Plan 2020 — 2023

This Strategic Plan 2020-2023 plots a new trajectory for DkIT in driving globally connected educational, economic social and cultural development in the region. 

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North Leinster-South Ulster Region — A Connected Region

DkIT, serving the North Leinster-South Ulster region, is strategically positioned mid-way along the Dublin-Belfast Corridor, on the border with Northern Ireland which bestows unique characteristics to the Institute.

The ability to engage with a potential critical mass from the many key urban centres along the Dublin-Belfast corridor puts the Institute in a very advantageous position. Within a 90-minute drive time there is a population of 3.33 million (Socio-Demographic Profile – Foundations for Growth DkIT 2019). 

DkIT - Leading and Shaping the Future of Higher Education in the North Leinster-South Ulster Region

Strategic Priorities

Priority 1

The Changing Landscape in terms of Designations, Mergers and Alliances

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Priority 2

Excellent Teaching and Learning and Quality of Learner Experiences

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Priority 3

High Quality, Internationally Competitive Research and Innovation

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Priority 4

Enhanced National and International Engagement

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Priority 5

Organisational Development and Corporate Excellence

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Implementation & Reporting on Progress

The five Strategic Priorities identified are presented with associated high-level strategic goals, objectives and key performance indicators for the next three years. The Strategic Plan sets out the high-level strategic priorities and goals, which will serve as a basis for the future, decision-making process within the Institute.

The responsibility for the management, review and reporting on the implementation of the Strategic Plan is the responsibility of the President and the Leadership Team. The roles and responsibilities for the delivery on each of the strategic goals are set out in Appendix 1. 

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Implementation & Reporting on Progress

Stakeholder Testimonials

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