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Secondary School Workshops

Year-round, staff in the School of Health and Science host various workshops both in DkIT and in your class room at school. If you would like your class to participate in a workshop simply submit the “Register your Interest” form below and specify the workshop that interests you. Upon receipt of your form, the workshop organizer will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Germ Lab

1. The Germ Lab

February 2023 |  Dr Orla Sherlock  |  Transition Year  |  1 Day  |  Science, Home Economics, Biology

The goal of this 1 day TY workshop is primarily to actively engage school students with Science academics and Science at third level, informing students for their future 3rd level programme choices. 

In the morning session, students will be introduced to their fascinating Microbiome in a lab session with a Microbiologist and in the afternoon session, they will be thought how to nurture it during an interactive session with a Nutritionist, enabling participants to become ambassadors of their own health. This is a fun-filled action packed day providing your students with a truly immersive third level experience.  

Orla will be happy to answer any questions relating to science courses, science careers and her own experiences in 3rd level education and the working world of science during the course of the day. 

DkIT “Heart” STEM

2. DkIT “Heart” STEM

March Each Year | Dr Orla Sherlock and iWish Team |  Transition Year  |  1.5 hours in school, followed by 1 day in DkIT for selected students  |  Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

We KNOW women have the talent and aptitude to study STEM, however, only one-in-four people working in STEM are women! DkIT wants to help change this. We will do this by addressing the barriers to STEM that more than 2800 young female students identified during an IWISH annual Survey in 2022 (Surveys – iWish).   

Girls said they want: Information about STEM careers, Access to female role models and Information on STEM courses.

DkIT heard you and in 2022 we joined forces with IWISH (iWish) to promote STEM to girls in the North East region. Our new roadshow/workshop combo offers the following to your school: 

  • A visit by our TEAM to your school where girls will hear from Scientists, Engineers and Technologists about careers for women in STEM.
  • Participating schools will be invited to nominate a maximum of 20 students to attend a STEM taster day on campus in DkIT in March each year. Students will get the opportunity to participate in 5 fun and interactive STEM activities across the Schools of Science/Health/Engineering/ Computing and Maths.  
  • Schools may avail of a discounted rate to attend the legendary annual I WISH showcase event which takes place in the RDS in February each year.
    Click on the Video opposite to hear more about this.

    Register your school for the RDS event NOW as places are limited.

This is a fun-filled action packed programme providing your students with a truly immersive third-level experience, informing students for their future 3rd level programme choices. Book the DkIT event using the form below. 

TY Entrepreneurship 

3. TY Entrepreneurship 

September 2023 |  Dr. Bridget Kelly  |  Transition Year  |  1 Week  |  Business, Science, Engineering

Each Year TY Students can participate in a week-long workshop as part of the Institute’s Entrepreneurial School Week Programme. The workshop is designed to develop students entrepreneurial, creativity and innovation skills. The programme is delivered by a multi-disciplined team comprised of members from the School of Engineering, the School of Health & Science, the School of Business & Humanities, as well as the Regional Development Centre.

Working in a team, students will conceptualise an innovative product, its manufacture and finally market it. On completion of the task, competing teams from various schools then battle it out in a Dragons Den style competition adjudicated by industry leads. The programme is sponsored by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

Dr Bridget Kelly, is the science lecturer on the Programme development team. All enquiries to

4. Pharma Lab: Pharmaceutical Drug Synthesis

Dr Chiara Hanlon |  Transition Year  |  2 - 3 hours  |  Medicines/Pharmaceuticals and Organic Chemistry

Join Chiara in the DkIT Pharma Lab and experience the set-up of a Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory.
Here students will experience the life of a third-level student and immerse themselves in the world of synthetic organic chemistry.

The students will synthesise an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) such as Aspirin or Paracetamol through a variety of chemical techniques.

The students will also learn the skills needed to transform a crude pharmaceutical product into a pure product.

Students will learn the skills of accurate measurement of solids and liquids during their experiment. Successful students will be rewarded with pure crystalline products, visual proof of all their hard work.

ex-HER-cise @ DkIT

5. ex-HER-cise @ DkIT

Fiona Hackett |  Transition Year Girls |  1 Day  |  Science, Sports, Exercise

We know from the Adolescent Girls Get Active Research Report 2021, that by the time girls reach the ages of 14-15 years, only 7% are meeting the national physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.  This has serious implications for both our mental and physical health.

This initiative, which coincides with Sport Ireland’s Women in Sport week, aims to promote and celebrate the involvement of girls in sport and exercise, not only through active participation but through careers in coaching, leadership, officiating and governance.

This will be an interactive, action-packed and fun-filled day where, in the morning, girls will get to discuss some of the challenges facing females in sport with a high-profile panel of sports people, followed by an afternoon of fun practical sessions showcasing the world of exercise science at DkIT.

6. Cell Explorers Escape Room

Dr Caroline Gilleran Stephens & Dr Suzanne Linnane |  Transition Year and Senior Cycle  |  1 hour

A new virus has emerged and needs to be identified to avoid the spread of infection and a new lockdown! The files needed are locked away in a scientist’s lab, but you’ve been given access to stop the outbreak before it begins. Working as a team, you’ll be looking for clues, running experiments, and solving puzzles to identify the source and save the day.

The Cell Explorers Escape Room is a science themed escape room where participants find clues, solve puzzles, and run experiments to solve a mystery. It begins with a short introduction to set the storyline of the room followed by a short information video to familiarise players with game rules (10 minutes). Once informed, players are let into the room to begin their mission. Players will have an hour to solve the mystery. No knowledge of science required.

For further details or to make a booking contact

The development of the Escape Room was supported by Science Foundation Ireland. The dissemination of the Escape Room is supported by the Medtronic Foundation.

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