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Re-Entry Visa

There are 3 types of re-entry visa:

  • Single re-entry visa: allows you to leave and return to Ireland once, typically within a 90-day period from the date of application. Cost: €60
  • Multiple re-entry visa: allows you to leave and return to Ireland on more than one occasion, typically up to the date-of-expiry of your study visa. Cost: €100
  • Emergency Visa: granted exceptionally in special circumstances, e.g serious illness, or family bereavement. Cost: €160

A re-entry visa cannot be issued past the expiry date on your IRP. If necessary, you may need to renew your IRP before you apply for a re-entry visa.

Documentation required for Visa Re-entry:

  • Application form (available at: http://www.inis. reentry-visa-form.pdf
  • Your Passport (with your current landing stamp)
  • Your original Irish Residence Permit (or GNIB Card)
  • 2 passport photos
  • Visa re-entry fee, payable by bank draft, or postal order only. (Cash, cheque, or other forms of payment will not be accepted for processing)
  • Support letter from DkIT referencing your full name, address, title and duration of your programme of study
  • Record of your class-attendance (if your class attendance is below average, you will need to include your most recent transcript of records and record of your current academic progress).

If you plan to leave Ireland during the academic term, the support letter from DkIT must contain:

  • The date of your planned departure from Ireland
  • The date of your planned return to Ireland.

The letter must not be more than 1 week old on the date you submit your application.


Questions about Re-Entry Visas?

  • International Office