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The Bernard Duffy Scholarship

The Bernard Duffy Scholarship may be awarded to two first-year students per year at Dundalk Institute of Technology. Each scholarship is worth €3,000 per year up to a maximum of four years, subject to the student continuing to meet the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

How to Apply

The application process opens in late September / early October of each year and a link to the application form will be emailed to all first-year students after registration. The application process is fully online and only open to registered first-year students at DkIT.

Eligibility Criteria:

A student must:

  • be registered on YEAR 1 of a full-time undergraduate programme at DkIT;
  • have obtained the offer of this programme on the basis of Leaving Certificate points;
  • have taken the Leaving Certificate examination in the year of entry to DkIT while a student at one of the following schools in Dundalk town*:
    • Colaiste Chu Chulainn
    • Colaiste Ris
    • De La Salle
    • O’Fiaich
    • Louis Secondary School
    • Mary’s College
    • Vincent’s Secondary School
    • OR * In the case where a first-year student has not attended one of the above schools prior to entry to DkIT, the student must provide evidence of having been born within a five-mile radius of Market Square in Dundalk. The evidence must be of birth having taken place within this radius, not of having lived at an address within this radius since birth. This evidence should take the form of official i.e. State documentation showing the place of birth and this evidence must be uploaded as part of the application.)
  • have applied to the HEAR scheme and been deemed eligible for the HEAR scheme (Note it is not necessary to have been offered a place via the HEAR scheme; but it is a requirement to have applied to the HEAR Scheme and to have been deemed eligible). If you did not apply to the HEAR scheme, it is not possible to apply for this Scholarship.

Information / Documentation Required To Make An Application:

  • A copy of notification from the HEAR Scheme of your eligibility for that Scheme (this notification is usually sent to HEAR applicants at the end of June each year).
  • Your Student number at DkIT
  • Your CAO number
  • Your points level obtained in this year’s Leaving Certificate examination
  • If you haven’t attended one of the seven Dundalk schools listed above, you must have official evidence of having been born within a five-mile radius of Market Square in Dundalk (and this evidence must be uploaded as part of your application).

Note: This scholarship does not meet the criteria of an income disregard for SUSI and does form part of reckonable income for the assessment of household income.