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First Year Student Registration

Registration information for incoming first year students to Dundalk Institute of Technology.

1st Year Student Registration for 2022/2023

Congratulations on your offer and thank you for choosing to study at DkIT. Over the next few years we will help you to grow academically and personally, meet like-minded people and work towards achieving your dreams.

Once you accept a place at the Institute you are encouraged to attend classes immediately – timetables are available at If you have yet to attend your induction, a short induction to the Institute will be offered each Wednesday during October, meeting at 1 pm in the foyer of the Whitaker Building, beside the Student Information Desk.

Please note: Once each round of CAO offers is complete, you will receive your details of registration and induction via email together with links to the information you will need to get you started on your student journey at DkIT.

We will send this email to the email address that you supplied to the CAO. Once you receive this email, you should log in to complete your online registration and online induction with the details provided.

1st Year Nursing and Midwifery Students: Please see additional registration information below.

Pay Your Fees Online

It's easy to pay your Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) fees online using your DkIT Username and Password.

How to Pay Your Fees Online

Getting Started Guide

Getting ready for your first week at DkIT? View our guide to starting at DkIT including induction week, academic calendar, student ambassadors and more.

Guide to Starting at DkIT

Grant Holders:

If you are in receipt of a grant, you must select the “Pay Now” option to pay the €125 Facilities Fee and to process your registration. You must also submit your SUSI reference number as part of your registration. Northern Ireland students in receipt of a loan or grant from the Student Finance NI must submit proof of grant approval to the Academic Administration Office (Room W147) as soon as possible but no later than the 31st October, 2022. (Located in the TK Whitaker Building near the Main Reception). 

Not in Receipt of a Grant:

Want to Pay in Full?

If you are a student NOT in receipt of a grant, you may opt to pay your fees in full. To do so, you must select the “Pay Now” option.

Want to Pay in Instalments?

If you are a student NOT in receipt of a grant and opt to pay your fees in two instalments, you must select the “Pay Later” option and follow the instructions onscreen. 

Please note that if you are paying fees in two instalments, you must pay €125 plus 50% of the Student Contribution (plus 50% of any Tuition Fee, if applicable) now, and the balance by 31st January 2023.

The onus is on you, the student, to pay your fees in full by 31st January 2023
Dundalk Institute of Technology is collecting the Facilities Charge as disclosed agent on behalf of DkIT Sport Ltd.

By registering with Dundalk Institute of Technology you are agreeing to be bound by all DkIT regulations, policies and procedures, and to pay all outstanding fees, if applicable, or provide proof of grant approval. It is important that you familiarise yourself with all DkIT regulations that apply to you as a DkIT student, these are referenced in your student handbook

Please ensure you are familiar with the “Procedures for the Collection of Student Fees”.If you fail to pay in line with the above instructions, you may have services withdrawn in line with the “Procedures for the Collection of Student Fees”. These services include email, Moodle, Library access, and access to examination results, graduation, and academic records.

If you have any query regarding Registration please email 

HEA Equal Access Survey

The Equal Access Survey is an annual survey of first-year full-time and part-time undergraduate students conducted by DkIT as part of the registration process.  While it is not mandatory, all students are encouraged to complete the Equal Access Survey, and it will help in developing a better understanding of the student population and their needs. 

Download Leaflet

DkIT Data Protection for Student Registration

Data Protection aims to protect an individual’s right to privacy in regard to the processing of their personal data by those who control it.

View DkIT Data Protection for Student Registration

HEA Student Data Collection Notice: We share student record and survey data that we collect from you with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) so they can perform their statutory functions under the Higher Education Authority Act, 1971. For more information please click here.

Questions About Registration?

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