Grainne Lambe

A degree combining design and computer programming brought Grainne Lambe to DkIT.

Grainne Lambe is in her 3rd year of the BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Web Development and is looking forward to working in graphic design when she graduates.

“The course is multidisciplinary so there are technical and creative skills, you do programming, design, sound, animation and a lot of different things.”

A past pupil of St Joseph’s High School in Crossmaglen, Co Armagh, she said it was a visit by DkIT that led her to consider it for her third level education.

“Someone from DkIT came in to talk to our school and it got me interested.”

She a foundation course in art and design foundation course at the Southern Regional College in Newry before applying to DkIT.

“I didn’t see any other course that had both the (computer) programming and design together when I was researching because I didn’t just want to do (just) design. I wanted programming too to give me options for the future.”

Currently on a 20 week course placement, working in the Marketing & Communications department in DkIT, she said, she is enjoying her time.

“The classes are a lot smaller here than in a big university so you get more one-to-one time with the lecturers which is good and you are not left on your own as much as you would be in a big university.”

She says computer science tends to attract more men then women but she definitely would encourage others to consider following this pathway.

“I like DkIT because everyone is very friendly, everyone helps each other out if you are stuck on anything. People always want to give you a hand and you can do something for them in return.”

She hopes to work in graphic design in the future and “the programming is a good skill to have as well.”

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