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DkIT Short Films to screen at Droichead Arts Centre

25 November 2021

Short films made as part of the year-long Film Project module on Year 3 of the BA (Hons) in Film & Television Production will be screened in the Droichead Arts Centre as part of their Film Club leading up to Christmas.

The films have been selected and curated by Collette Farrell, Director of Droichead Arts Centre to complement their feature film screenings. This is one of many ongoing collaborations between the Department of Creative Arts, Media & Music and Droichead Arts Centre, upon which the department hopes to build.

Collette Farrell, Director of Droichead Arts Centre, advised:

As part of our strategy for Droichead, we need to enable artists to make and develop work of ambition and as such, we must be part of an ecology which nurtures art and artists. This is very important in terms of our support for younger artists at the beginning of their career, so we are delighted to show case new work from students in DKIT's Film & TV Production Programme as part of our successful Film Club at Droichead. I  know our audience will enjoy the opportunity to see these series of shorts, from film makers just starting out. Big thanks to the Film Programme, and to the students for giving us this opportunity.

The films are being screened as follows:

9 November – When you Need Me before Nomadland (7:53)

James Clegg - Director
Michael Coady - DoP
Claire Smyth - Producer
Jack Healy - Editor
Raymond Sherry -Sound
Jaroslav Jankovskij - AD

Set on Valentine’s Day, friends Keith and Simon are at two very different points in their lives. Keith is a heartbroken husk of his former self and Simon is going on his first ever date. Throughout the day the pair prop each other up when they need to, even when it’s least convenient.

23 November Hereafter before The County (7:36)

Alicia Kinch - Director
Laura Kerley - Producer
Joe Mahon - DoP
Dane Farrell - Production Design
Aaron Lannon - Editor
Caleb Beattie - Sound

Set in modern day Ireland, Hereafter follows Tom O’Brien, an arrogant and self- centred businessman. After a tragic accident Tom finds himself in the garden of Lily, a sweet and innocent young girl. Tom tries to leave but there’s one problem, he’s dead. In a cruel karmic joke Tom becomes Lily’s imaginary friend and is tethered to her. The story trails his struggle to accept his fate as her imaginary friend and shows how friendship can be found in the most unlikely of places.

7th December – High Society before the French film The Mystery of Henry Pick (8:44)

Writer/Director - Niamh Magee
Producer - Liam Delahunt
Celine McInerney - DoP
James Hickey - Sound
Conor Lewis - Editor
Andrius Rutavicius - Production Design

Trapped inside the subconscious of our main character, Leah, we listen to her poetic narrations as she comes to realise she has overdosed on drugs given to her by Gary. Following the aftermath of this accident, both Leah and her girlfriend reflect on their time spent together leading up to Leah’s coma. From growing up in a home where addiction is second nature to tender moments the couple spent together, these thoughts and memories shared between the two are shown. However, once Ruby learns Gary offered Leah the drugs it leads to both their demise.


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