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DkIT Launches Successful Film Collaboration with An Tain Arts Centre

19 December 2018

This semester, the Department of Creative Media & Arts launched a new collaboration with An Táin Arts Centre to support the BA (Hons) in Film & TV Production programme by facilitating a series of screenings of short films produced by fourth year students.

The new collaboration aims to enhance the learning experience of students by relocating a class assignment to a new cultural venue and seeks to actively involve students in the community life of Dundalk. The project will also enhance collaborative relationships between the academic and non-academic sectors and will boost the visibility of the Film and TV Production Programme by giving local people the opportunity to meet DkIT students and experience their work.

This collaboration emerged as part of the module on Advanced Film Theory which provides students with the tools necessary to interpret films as sociocultural and ideological productions, and as products of a globalised media world. This module develops an advanced understanding of film as a complex cultural medium through the discussion of key theoretical and critical approaches.

The collaboration was established by Dr Ingrid Lewis, Lecturer in Film & TV Production at DkIT. Speaking today she said,

“The experience of presenting to external audiences adds unique dimension to the students’ learning experience because they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned in class while performing in front of a audience. They also are challenged to adjust their presentation content to suit a general audience. Having the audience in mind at any point of their work, will be crucial for their future professional life in the Irish film industry.”

Speaking about the collaboration Paul Hayes, Director, An Táin Arts Centre said,

“We are pleased to by the new collaboration with the Department of Creative Arts, Media and Music. All five of our evening films this season were preceded by a short 10 minute film by students at DkIT and were followed by a short presentation after the film and questions from the audience.  All sessions included very lively presentations which illuminated the films for all in attendance”.

The sessions also included a screen of the nominated films from this year’s Academy Awards. Sessions were open to the general public and a discount was offered to DkIT Creative Media Students.

Also speaking about the collaboration, Dr Adèle Commins, Head of Department of Creative Arts, Media and Music said,

“As two important organisations in the region supporting the development of the arts, I am delighted that the Department of Creative Arts, Media and Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology is collaborating with An Táin Arts Centre as part of our Department’s outreach strategy. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to have a platform in which to present their work and engage with audiences enthusiastic about films. We look forward to developing future collaborative projects with An Táin Arts Centre.”

The BA (Hons) in Film and Television Production is currently available via the Central Applications Office. For more information on this course please visit the course page -  BA (Hons) in Film and Television Production

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