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Money and Cost of Living

Once your accommodation and deposit have been paid in advance, you are advised not to carry large amounts of cash with you on your arrival to Ireland. We advise that a guide amount of approximately €500 should be sufficient. In order to limit the risk of carrying cash, please bring your ATM and Credit Card with you and confirm with your bank that it can be used to withdraw money in Ireland. (Please note that it may incur charges for withdrawals and purchases)

Additional money (minimum €3,000) can be sent by TT, after you have opened an Irish bank account.

Mobile Phone

DkIT International Office will assist you with basic shopping on arrival in Dundalk, e.g purchase of a phone-card SIM, so that you have an Irish contact mobile number. The monthly phone-cost is typically €20 (includes unlimited data). You can top-up your phone-credit monthly at most shops (or in the Institute Shop on campus).

Monthly spending costs:

Category Cost (per month)
Accommodation:   €400 per month
Food, Hobbies, Travel and Entertainment:   €300 per month

These are guide-rates only and will vary according to your personal budget and expectations.

Discounter supermarkets in Dundalk include Aldi and Lidl (located in Dundalk town). You are advised to share grocery-shopping bills with your house-mates and cook together in your accommodation. It is advisable to use local ingredients for cooking, rather than trying to reproduce meals from your home country, which may work out more expensive and be difficult to source. Discounter clothing stores include Pennys which is located in the Marshes Shopping Centre.

Petrol-station shops and convenience stores in Dundalk are generally open all-day, Monday - Sunday. These will be more expensive than large supermarkets, but convenient for small purchases you might need. The Retail Park in Dundalk is only 10 minutes walk from DkIT and offers a range of shops for sports, IT gadgets, and apartment furnishings).

Part-Time Work:

There are job opportunities available in local shops and bars and some international students choose to find part-time jobs while studying at DkIT. The current minimum hourly wage is currently €9.25. If you secure a part-time job, you will be required to apply for a PPS Number (Personal Public Service Number). Enquire at DkIT International Office for further details on how to get a PPS number.

Your study-visa allows you to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic term - and up to 40 hours per week in the holidays. Your programme of study at DkIT is full-time and the demands of study need to be balanced with your free-time. You are required to attend at a minimum of 80% - 85% of your classes each semester, for the purposes of visa-reentry and Irish Residence Permit (IRP) renewal. For that reason, we advise you to keep part-time working to a minimum.

Bank Account:

You will need to open a Bank Account after your arrival in Dundalk, as a condition of your study-visa. DkIT International Office will assist you with opening a bank account. The currency in Ireland is the EURO(€) and once you have opened a bank account, you will be issued with a bank statement (as verification of your Irish postal address) and a bank-card with a PIN number. You can then arrange a TT transfer from your home country.

There is an AIB automated banking service on DkIT campus. The main branch is located in Dundalk Town Centre at 96, Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk (for all non-automated transactions). Opening hours: 09.30am – 16.30, Monday - Friday.


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