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International Student Accommodation

Information for International Students looking for accommodation while studying at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Accommodation in the Dundalk area is approximately 50% cheaper than the Dublin region. Accommodation-types available for international students at DkIT include:

  • Hall of Residence Accommodation - we have one hall located on campus, and two other halls a short walk from DkIT. Rental costs for halls vary depending on the hall of residence and room-type. Halls of residences will give priority to students, seeking to reside for an academic year (2 semesters).
  • Private House Rental - Indicative cost of approximately €100 per week. (Excludes utilities). For suggested private accommodation rental options, check or You are advised to exercise caution in paying a deposit on any accommodation you have not yet seen. It is advisable that the rented house you select has a functioning security alarm and is fitted with smoke-and carbon-monoxide detectors.
  • Family Homestays - Indicative cost of approximately €180 - €200 per week which includes all meals, utilities and facilities.

DkIT International Office has an Accommodations Officer to support you with your accommodation-search, depending on your accommodation preference. Most international students elect to stay in halls-of-residence in their first year of study, in order to meet new students and be located within walking distance of the Institute.

Please note that DkIT does not own, or manage halls-of-residence. Your rental agreement with your accommodation-provider is legally-binding. It is important that you make yourself aware of the terms and conditions when signing a rental agreement.


Information on Accommodation

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