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Applying to an Apprenticeship

Get information on how to apply to an apprenticeship via DkIT.

To obtain an apprenticeship, you must be recruited by a prospective employer who will register you with SOLAS and only then can the training programme begin.

DkIT offers apprenticeships in Electrical, Motor Mechanics, Plumbing and Carpentry in conjunction with the LMETB - Louth and Meath Education and Training Board. For more information please visit Generation Apprenticeship at

 Apprenticeship is a system of employment-based training and education which enables a person to obtain the skills, knowledge and education required to satisfactorily perform the core skills of their chosen trade. Apprenticeship is the recognised means by which people are trained to become craftspeople in Ireland and typically takes four years to complete.

The education and training structure common to all trades delivered at DkIT consists of the following phases: 

 Phase Training:  Duration                                                      

Phase 1                             

On-the-job training with the employer   12 weeks 
Phase 2 Off-the-job training with ETB 20 to 22 weeks
Phase 3 On-the-job training with the employer  Minimum 6 months 
Phase 4 Off-the-job training with the Institute of Technology  10 - 11 weeks
Phase 5 On-the-job training with the employer  Minimum 6 months
Phase 6 Off-the-job training with the Institute of Technology 10 - 11 weeks
Phase 7 On-the-job training with the employer   Minimum 3 months

*The Department is sub-divided into a number of sections that deliver the phase 4 and phase 6 training programmes for the trades of Carpenter-Joiner, Electrician, Motor Mechanic, and Plumber.

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