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Academic Policies & Guidelines

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Student-Centred Learning Teaching and Assessment

Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures
Academic Integrity Report
Academic Integrity Report (MS Word Template)
Appendix 1: Dealing with Breaches of Academic Integrity Policy Section
Appendix 2: Dealing with Breaches of Academic Integrity Policy Section 9: NotificationTemplates
Examination and Assessment Policy & Procedure
Assessment and Learning Policy
Assessment and Standards
Conduct of Examinations Guidelines (In-Class Assessments)
Continuous Assessment Procedures
Continuous Assessment Coversheet
Granting of Reasonable Accommodations in Examinations to Learners with Disabilities
Recording of Online Classes: Guidelines and Code of Practice for DkIT Staff and Students
Data Privacy notice for DkIT Students on the Recording of Classes
Application Form for Deferral of Assessments
Social Networking Policy
Guidelines for Remote Assessments — Students
Student Voice Policy
Blended and Online Learning Policy
Academic Regulations for Masters (Taught and Structured) Research Projects
Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy
Student-Centred Learning Teaching and Assessment
Student Guidelines for Online Behaviour or Netiquette
Department of Humanities and Social Care Registration Programmes Policy on Student Practice Placement Attendance
Assessed Group-work: A Framework and Guidelines
Work Placement Common Procedures
Student Fitness to Practice Policy and Procedures
Work Placement for Social Care Common Policies and Procedures
Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI): Staff Guidance
Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Your Assessments: A Guide for Students