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DkIT Elevate Awards

Elevate yourself, and your CV, by contributing to DkIT life!

Students contribute hugely to the DkIT community in many ways. For example, as Student Ambassadors, Clubs and Societies Officers, Student Representatives and through discipline-specific engagement such as Coder Dojo, H2o Heroes and so on.

The aims of the new DkIT Elevate Awards is to:

    • Recognise and celebrate these contributions,
    • Help students to recognise and evidence the skills they have developed through this engagement, elevating employability.


2023 Elevate Awards Now Open — Extended

We are now accepting applications for the 2023 Elevate Awards. The closing date for applications has been extended to 5 pm on 2nd June 2023.

If you would like to register for the 2023 DkIT Elevate Awards, please complete the form to tell us about your engagement activities. You are eligible to apply for the award once you have at least 45 hours of eligible activity. This can be across the past 3 years. So, for example, if you were a student ambassador two years ago and have been a member of a Sports and Societies committee this year or last year, you can count all of these. 

Apply Now on Careers Connect

What's involved in the award

Once we verify that your engagement hours, you will need to complete an Elevate CV, LinkedIn Profile, the DkIT Graduate Attributes Persona Workbook and complete an online video using a STAR story that demonstrates a self-selected DkIT graduate attribute.

These activities are all accessible on the DkIT Elevate Award 2023 Pathway on DkIT Careers Connect, and are designed to help you evidence the skills you have developed through your engagement activities.

As your progress through this Pathway, you will find the links and resources required.

What happens to the information you provide?

The information is used only for the purpose of determining eligibility for the award. Once you register for the award and submit your Employability activities, we will include your name on a list sent to the relevant member of staff to check against each activity. For example, if you select Student Ambassador 2022/23, your name will be included on a list sent to the Student Learning and Development Centre for confirmation of Ambassador hours for that year.

This database will be available only to the DkIT staff involved in organising the award. Other staff will be asked only to verify hours for specific activities, they will not have access to the full database. This database will be deleted once the awards have been made but a list of names of those who receive Elevate Awards will be kept by DkIT and will be published on the website. If at any time you wish to remove your details, please contact

Past Winners

2022 Winners

Ciara Brady, Gracie Chaudhary, Fayaz Khalid, Amrita Giri, Jing Ling Wong

2020 Winners

Michael Carey, Elin Choi, Laura Henry, Habibul Hira, Alan Kieran, Zhe Lim, Jing Sheng Moey, Lelia McDonnell

2020 Winners with Special Commendation for their roles in developing the DkIT Elevate Framework

Angelina Shin Yee Jong, Brianán Johnson, Maria Maguire, Aisling Munster, Peter Toplis, Johanna Young

2021 Winners

Hannah Casey, Fang Yi Chuah, Victory Emmanuel, James Farrell, Amrita Giri, Fayaz Khalid, Zhe Lim, Jing Sheng Moey, Cathleen Nairn, Abhijeet Prasad, Lauren Reilly, Catherine Smyth, Mahaveer Singh Sankar Singh, Yue Zho Tong, Karl Tracey, Aurelija Senkute, Kevin Weldon.

Types of Engagement Activities

Cell Explorers

up to 20 hours for 2022/23

Clubs and Societies Committee members

15 hours per semester.

Class Representatives

12 hours per academic year.

Coder Dojo

Lead – 4 hours per session | Mentor – 3 hours per session

Diversity Week

up to 5 hours

HCI Labs 

up to 8 hours

H2O Heroes

10 hours 2020/21 and 21/22, 30 hours 22/23

International Women’s Day

up to 5 hours

Student Ambassadors

40 hours (training plus induction, additional hours will also be recognised). 

Need help with CV and Elevator Pitch?

Careers & Employability Support

Familiarise yourself with the ‘CV and Elevator Pitch’ guidance on the ‘DkIT Elevate Award’ section of the Careers Moodle page and use the resources in this section to guide your CV and Elevator Pitch preparation.

Visit Support on Moodle

This scheme has been developed, by students and staff, as part of the Partners in Employability project funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. We gratefully acknowledge the support for the National Forum.