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School of Engineering

School of Engineering at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes that safely realise solutions to the needs of society. To put it simply, engineers apply scientific principles to solve problems for the advancement of mankind.

The School of Engineering at DkIT is comprised of three engineering departments including:

→ Department of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering
→ Department of the Built Environment
→ Department of Engineering Trades & Civil Engineering

The School offers a broad range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level across areas including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, construction management, architectural technology, building surveying, in addition to the provision of engineering trades.

Department of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering

We offer programmes in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Design Engineering and in Renewable Energy systems (postgraduate only).

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Department of the Built Environment

Our vast experience of education, research and development in the built environment has given the Department and the Institute an outstanding reputation, attracting students from all over the country.

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Department of Engineering Trades and Civil Engineering

Working in close cooperation with SOLAS, employers and other agencies to develop and deliver the intermediary and senior phases of a number of apprenticeship programmes.

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Working with Primary & Secondary Schools

We work in partnership with local primary and secondary schools to provide talks, workshops and outreach activities that promote 3rd level education as a realistic option among students.

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Head of School

  • Dr. Breda Brennan
  • Head Of School of Engineering