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Thomas Clarke


Thomas was working in sales but wanted to change industries, and needed a qualification to
help him make that change.

Having achieved an average result at best in my Leaving Certificate in 2004, I opted to go straight into the workplace rather than college. At the time when I was 18 finishing school, I did not think college was for me. After many years working in sales, I felt the lack of a college degree was holding me back, particularly when trying to change industries and enter the pharmaceutical industry. Experience will only get you so far, and not having a degree was keeping me from exploring new opportunities within my career.

The lecturers were helpful and placed value on his real-work experience.

In 2017 at the age of 31 I decided to bite the bullet and enrol in the 4-year part-time honours degree business studies course at DkIT. In all honesty I was worried I wouldn’t be able for it, having not done particularly well in school, I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. But the lecturers in DkIT were brilliant. They were very supportive and understanding and aware that mature students bring a wealth of experience to the course that they can draw on during their studies. They were always on hand to answer my endless questions and offer guidance and support.

Thomas found that the modules were well connected to the workplace environment.

The course material was really interesting, working in a business environment for the 12 years or so before I started the course gave me a great understanding of some of the modules we covered in college. I was able to draw on my experience throughout the course. I firmly believe that as a part-time student with real life workplace experience, it allowed me to perform better on this course than I would have, if I had been a full-time student when finishing school. Initially, I thought I would only complete 3 years of the 4 year course, but as my confidence in myself and my abilities grew throughout the course, continuing and doing the full 4 years was a no brainer!

The degree helped Thomas get his desired job within the first year of study.

After starting this course, I got the opportunity to move into the pharmaceutical industry, working as a Territory Manager for Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Without having this degree on my CV, I would not have got the opportunity to take up this position. I think they were impressed I was managing to juggle work and part time study!

Thomas hopes that the degree will help him progress his career in the future.

This course has given me great confidence in myself and my abilities. I have learnt skills that will help me to progress my career