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Taidgh Kavanagh

BA (Hons) in Digital Humanities

“DkIT wasn’t my first choice but from my very first day I knew it was the best choice for me”

Taidgh Kavanagh from Drogheda Co. Louth is a Final year BA (Hons) in Digital Humanities student.

“When I was filling out my CAO I had originally placed one of the city Universities as my first option. At the time I thought I wanted to go somewhere big and impersonal. But when August came around and we got our first round of offers I wasn’t offered my first choice and at the time I was pretty disappointed."

"I was then offered my second preference which was DkIT. I had been to DkIT’s open days and I knew I liked the campus so I decided to accept this offer and just give it a go. From my very first day I knew that I had made the right choice for me."

Taidgh believes that one of the best things about DkIT is the sense of community and comradery across the campus.

"Everybody had made me feel so welcome and the atmosphere was great, because the campus is quite small it means that you get to know a lot of people from other courses which is a great benefit – the classes are also smaller than a university so each one of my lecturers knows my name and makes it easy for me and my class mates to contact them outside of lecture hours if we need a little extra help on an assignment or if someone needs a chat.”

“I’m from Drogheda so DkIT is local to me. I commute each day and it usually takes about half an hour.”

Speaking about his couse, Taidgh says,

"My course is called Digital Humanities but it is actually an Arts degree. I knew that I wanted to do Arts because I have always had an interest in History and Politics. I had completed a PLC in DIFE before I came to DkIT in Pre University Arts which allowed me to experience eight different modules so from this I had the knowledge to know that this was exactly what I wanted to do."

The flexibility of modules is a big plus for Taidgh.

"What I enjoy most about my course is the knowledge that I can branch out into numerous different career opportunities when I leave DkIT. I’m not boxed into one specific thing per say. For example graduates from my course have gone into journalism, research roles and teaching, which is where I think I will go.”

His interest in politics led to his decision to get involved in student politics.

“I was recently elected to DkITSU. I will be the first ever Vice President of Welfare and Equality, which means that I will be in charge of making sure that our student body will have all of the welfare needs met. I have big plans for what I want to achieve while in office. I really want to improve how students view and manage their mental health. I plan on increasing the number of welfare-related guest speakers we have on campus and I want to introduce lots of new initiatives, so watch the space!"

Taidgh's big recommendation to new students is to 'get involved'.

“I think all new students at DkIT or any college should get involved in a club or society. I am involved in the Rugby Club at DkIT and it was one of my favourite things about my time here. The lads were all so welcoming and it was a nice break from exams or continuous assessment stress. It was a great way for me to meet people outside of my course and I have built long lasting friendships from it for sure!”

Best thing about DkIT?

“I’ve got friends who decided to go to bigger universities and from what they’ve told me they haven’t had the same ability to build a rapport with their lecturers like I have. This is one of the best things about DkIT – it really makes coming to your lecturers and talking to them a lot easier”

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“DkIT wasn’t my first choice but from my very first day I knew it was the best choice for me”