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Sharon Tuite

BA in Community Youth Work

"Studying at DkIT is investing in your future says a Youth Worker who is the first of 11 siblings to go to third level."

Sharon Tuite (46) from Drogheda is a graduate of the BA in Community Youth Work says she had “little or no education and I never understood English grammar.”

Despite this she is the first of 11 children to go to third level and she has graduated with a BA (Hons) in Youth Work from DkIT.

Sharon began studying youth work with Fetac level 4 and 5 courses and decided she would continue it with a degree at DkIT.

“What appealed to me about DkIT was that it was just 30 mins away and the college classes were small in numbers compared to some Dublin colleges that could have up to 100 in a class.”

“I like to ask questions to find out what the lecturer is talking about otherwise I would not have learned as much as I did in DkIT.”

The first of her two placements was in the Garda Youth Diversion Project in Drogheda. 

“I was excited about this as I always wanted to work with young people who were in trouble with the Garda. This helped me understand how youth work was done in the community and the environment that young people were living in.”

“It also gave me the confidence in myself to talk to new people and go into the places where young people hung out.”

She ended up working in that project full-time for 2 years.

“I was able to bring my learning from DkIT in the project and create new ways of working with young people.”

For her second placement, which was also for 3 months, she went to ‘Sphere 17,’ the regional youth centre in Darndale.

“It was a bigger youth services and it provide a place for about 50-60 young people daily. Money couldn’t buy the new learning I received from both placements”

“They helped me to put theory into practice, grow in confidence and gain an incredible amount of new learning.”

Sharon left school when she was 16 with her Group cert.  “I stared to do youth work when I was 32 in the Solid Rock Church in Drogheda. I did that for over ten years on a voluntary basis.”

“I always wanted to work with young people that came from a disadvantaged background, young people who never got a fair chance from an early age. Young people who committed crime, who struggled with addiction etc.  I could identify with these young people so I just wanted to help.”

“I had a great time in college and for anyone thinking of coming here I would say it is an investment for your future.”

“Having been an early school leaver with little education and I couldn’t spell to save my life, if I can do it anyone can.”

“I loved the experience of college and would do it all again.”

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"Studying at DkIT is investing in your future says a Youth Worker who is the first of 11 siblings to go to third level."