Sabrina Said Ali

“I made an Architectural Model"

Sabrina Said Ali is from Dundalk, Co. Louth and is a first year BSc (Hons) in Architectual Technology student. 

“We worked as part of a group to develop an architectural structure. The aim of the project was to create a kiosk which would be built in the Carroll’s building here on campus. The project involved looking into the history and size of the building and we really had to examine the internal space where the kiosk would be situated. We also got to decide what the kiosk would be used for."

"I designed a ‘creative space’ where students can go and chill out between classes or after college while they wait for their bus or even just to de-stress after exams. This is something I thought was much needed for the students in the Carroll’s building. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical element of this and getting to use my hands and go out and measure the areas. It’s a much more rewarding feeling creating a structure rather than a 2D design on paper. There’s always adjustments that need to be made and seeing it as a structure helps with the intricacies of ensuring that you have the capacities and sizing exactly right."

“I chose my course because I knew it would be a challenge and I really wanted to test myself. When doing my research for CAO, I looked at the specific career opportunities available via the course and I realised that they were so broad that I knew I would be able to branch out into an array of different areas."

"The best thing about my class is that strong sense of community. When we started it was such a new experience and nothing like anything we had done in school. There was a sense that everyone was starting together at the very beginning. Everyone was so supportive and helpful, including the lecturers, which definitely helps you settle in."

"A significant part of this course involves working in groups, so you really get to improve your communication skills. You have to interact and liaise with everyone and work with different dynamics. I think this will prepare us for the work environment because we will have to work on team projects in the industry too. I like the group element because everyone comes from different backgrounds and they bring different skill-sets which really add to a project and you can learn from them."

"I am from Dundalk so I either walk or get a lift depending on the weather. Living so close was one of the reasons I chose DkIT but definitely not the deciding factor. It was 100% the work placement that sold DkIT to me when I was researching courses that I wanted to put down on my CAO application. The fact that DkIT offered placement and the others did not, ensured that I marked it top of my preferences. I was thinking about the future and how the experience would help me after college. The course content and the career opportunities also really appealed to me and that’s why I chose DkIT."


Best thing about DkIT?

The lecturers are so invested in your learning and really show interest in what you’re doing. They will obviously make sure you’re working on your own initiative but they like to check that you arere okay and that you understand everything. If you don’t, then they will give their free time to help you. They actually care about you and they even know your name which I don’t think you’d get in a bigger college in a city."


Making it at #DkiT

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