Christopher Boyle

Higher Diploma in 3D Computer Animation


Growing up loving video games and animation was the inspiration for pursuing a career in 3D Computer Animation for Dublin-based Christopher Boyle, graduate of the part-time Higher Diploma in 3D Digital Animation at DkIT.

“Video games, animation and watching the development of 3D graphics throughout the 90's and 00's was my main motivation for going into my prior degree (Software Engineering), and after a few years working in Software Development, my interest to pursue it increased.”

While exploring the further education choices in this area, Christopher discovered that DkIT seemed to be the only place offering a course on 3D Digital Animation, one which he could complete while working full time.

“The flexibility of the part-time course at DkIT meant that I could work during the day and log onto the online classes in the evening. I only needed to come to the campus in Dundalk 3-4 times each semester, which was a massive bonus.”

Talking to DkIT about his experience studying here, Christopher was quick to discuss his highlights.

“I would have to say the group work was the highlight for me. In my class we all came from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, which was refreshing because there were so many unique perspectives,” said Christopher. “Plus it created a nice dynamic where we all helped and pushed each other to do our best.”

And he was quick to compliment his lecturers, who he said played a hugely supportive role.

“Our primary lecturer was Michael Connelly, who was generally involved in all our coursework. I learned a lot about not just animation and the tools from Michael, but also fantastic guidance on what direction I should take with my own skills. I also had the pleasure of being taught by John Loane (Maths & Unreal Engine), Shane D'arcy (Python Programming) and Peter Morris (Project Management & Audio Engineering), who like Michael, always went above and beyond when teaching us.”

Christopher cites the Higher Diploma in 3D Computer Animation at DkIT as playing a huge role in securing his current role as Pipeline Technical Director at Boulder Media in Dublin.

“For me, it helped me get what I consider to be a dream job. It is tough, especially if like me you are working full time. That said, while the lecturers will push you to do your best, they are also very fair and more than willing to work with you.”



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