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Cameron Scholes

“I made a Virtual Reality game”

Cameron Scholes from Rostrevor, Co Down is a 2nd year student in BSc (Hons) Computing in Games Development.

“I made a VR (Virtual Reality) game. We had a design project in first year where we built an entire game using a software called Unreal Engine. Then, this year I was provided the opportunity to use VR headsets and so I decided to converted this into a VR project. I really enjoyed this experience and definitely learned a lot while doing this project. I broke a lot of things along the way but through perseverance and dedication I completed it. One thing that I learned was how complex it is to program the tracking correctly so that the movements of the gamer are in-sync. It was a challenge but it was worth the outcome. I enjoyed the practical element of the course and being able to make something physical instead of just learning theory in class."

"There were a lot of factors involved in why I ended up choosing DkIT. Number one was definitely the fact that I didn’t have to leave the country. My choices were between Scotland and Ireland. In Scotland the tuition fees alone are so expensive compared to here and that’s in addition to living and moving expenses. In choosing DkIT, I now get to drive to and from college from home and my fees cost just third of the cost."

"I came to a couple of the open days because DkIT visited my school and they really sparked my interest. I picked up the prospectus and had a flick through and that’s when I saw the Computing in Games Development course. I definitely had a eureka moment. The more I researched DkIT and the course, the more surprised I was. The course had a better structure and layout than the one that I was looking at in Scotland. I couldn’t believe that I could get a better course for less money and just right down the road. It was a no brainer."

"I applied through the CAO and in comparison to the UCAS system, it was so straight forward. For UCAS, I spent months and months working so hard on my application. After discovering DkIT, I went to the CAO system and it was just so simple. All I had to do was write down my choices in order of preference, fill in my personal details and that was practically it. As soon as DkIT offered me my place, I went back to UCAS and said just close the application, I’m going to DkIT!"

Best thing about DkIT?

"For me it’s the small class sizes. Not only is it great being able to contact your lecturers and get 1-on-1 tutoring but it definitely helps with making friends. Everybody gets to know each other quite quickly and it’s just a nice experience being so well interconnected with your peers. DkIT is its own little community. I know all of my lecturers by their first name and it makes it so easy to just say, 'Listen John, I’m finding this module difficult, do you have any tips for me what am I doing wrong?' This instantly breaks down that barrier of finding it difficult or time-consuming when asking for help.  I think it definitely makes the learning process so much easier."

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