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Ashling Carragher

BSc (Hons) in Environmental Bioscience

“I made an amplified a section of DNA”

“I made an amplified a section of DNA”

Ashling Carragher from Cullaville, Co. Armagh is a 3rd year student in BSc (Hons) Environmental Bioscience.

“As a group we made the DNA bigger and we generated multiple copies of it using a process called PCR (Polymerase chain reaction). I loved this experience because I really enjoy the practical element and getting into labs. I like being able to do things that at first you didn’t know were even possible. I also enjoyed the group work element to the course. Sometimes it can be tough to work in groups but when everyone is working together and understands their own role it can be great. It also allows us to refine teamworking skills because when it comes to the workplace we will have to work effectively within teams.”

“I chose DkIT because it is so close to where I live which makes it a lot easier for me. I knew I didn’t want to move away or have to travel far, so DkIT was the perfect option. A few people that I know were going here to so it gave me the option of not being totally alone on my first few days of college. I didn't know anyone going into the Bioscience area, so that was a bit daunting although I wouldn’t change it There is absolutely no point going to college and doing something only because your friends are doing it. It’s great to challenge yourself a little bit. I knew from school that I liked science and I was good at it so when I saw the Environmental Bioscience course available at DkIT I just thought I’d give it a go and I really enjoy it. Getting here is easy I drive so it takes around 20/30 minutes depending on traffic.”

“Applying to DkIT was easy, I applied through the CAO website and I never had any issues.”

Best Thing About DkIT?

“I loved getting to meet new people and make new friends. The lecturers are also really passionate about their subject and make themselves available whenever you need them. Their dedication to their students really shines through and is definitely a reason why I enjoy my classes so much.”

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“I made an amplified a section of DNA”