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Deferring from your Programme

Deferring from your programme of study at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT)

DkIT recognises that for a variety of reasons a student may need to defer from their programme.

A student who wishes to defer their place on a programme must seek the approval of the Institute. Such approval is not guaranteed and is totally at the discretion of the Institute. Such a deferral is conditional on the program/module continuing in subsequent years, as program/modules can be discontinued or altered from time to time, without prior notice. 

How to Defer from your Programme

  1. Students, in consultation with Head of Department/School, must fill out the Application for Deferral Form. Appropriate evidence should be attached.
  2. The deferral form should be approved and signed by the Head of Department/School and returned to the Admissions Office.
  3. Administration of deferral will be handled by Admissions Officer.
  4. Students should contact Admissions Office prior to returning to the Institute to ensure that everything is in place when they return.

Download Deferral Application Form

Please note: These procedures do not apply to first-year students who seek deferrals without having registered. They are dealt with by the Admissions Officer in line with the Deferral Procedure as set out in the CAO Handbook).

What is Deferral

A deferral is where students, due to exceptional circumstances beyond their own control, formally withdraw from the course they are attending with the intention of returning the following academic year. In the case where the student does not formally withdraw from the course but is a genuine case for deferral, this can be dealt with retrospectively.

Exceptional circumstances include the following:-

  1. Prolonged medical condition (letter from Consultant required – G.P. not sufficient).
  2. Serious financial problem.*
  3. Bereavement in family, causing forced changes in circumstances.*

* In sensitive cases the Institute, through Pastoral Care or Student Services, can confirm circumstances)

Fees Implications — if Deferral Approved

If a deferral is approved, Tuition Fees are waived by the Institute. The Student Contribution fee, if already paid, will be retained by the Institute and credited against their Student Contribution Fee when they return.

As Student Contribution Fees may increase each year, the balance due will have to be paid on their return. Students in receipt of grant assistance should contact the awarding authority to inform them of the deferral.