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Pastoral Care

The basic role of the Pastoral Care Co-ordinator is to be collaboratively involved in the provision of holistic care within the College community. Holistic Care is concerned with the whole person and includes their social, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being. At its core, Pastoral Care is about welcome.

Students and others from all sorts of backgrounds and in various personal situations or relationships are welcomed and respected. It is another way in which DkIT seeks to have a friendly face, a smile and words of welcome for each individual. The Pastoral Care service serves all students. If the service cannot be of assistance to you directly, they will work with you to find the person who can best assist you.

The Role of Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care can include the following… and more! Liaises with students about a broad range of issues, such as at times of bereavement/sickness; Facilitation for religious practices; Taking part/ attending College functions.

A listening ear!

The Pastoral Care Service can be a great sounding board, a voice for students, and a conduit for resolving difficulties, or seeking clarifications. Sometimes all you need to know is that there’s someone you can talk to, if you need to – in a spirit of confidentiality, and who will resolve to help find the solution that you feel suits you best.

Seeks to promote community!

DkIT is a community, and the more caring and compassionate students are with and for each other, the better your college experience will be. This includes meeting students, facilitating get-togethers, and offering opportunities to meet.

Particular support for International/European Exchange students, as well as finding opportunities to engage with the staff of the college.

Quiet Reflection on Campus

The Quiet Room (2nd Floor of Student Services, beside the Doctor's Office)  is open all day and is a place for reflection or if you just want to get away and give yourself space in a peaceful environment. Why not drop in? Please feel free to come here and reflect peacefully. 

Mindfulness Series

DkIT students have developed a number of Mindfulness tutorial videos to help other students with breathing and relaxation. The videos are available on YouTube and Moodle.

View the Mindfulness Series

How to contact us and where to find us?

Pastoral Care is located in the Student Services Centre. Appointments can be made by telephone through Student Services Office +353 (0)42 9370452 or directly on 087 7500466

If the Chaplaincy team cannot provide the support you request, they will direct you, as necessary, to those who can.


Questions about Pastoral Care

  • Alan Conlon
  • Office F211 (Quiet Room), Faulkner Building