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Maths Learning Centre

The Maths Learning Centre (MLC) is a free service open to all students at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

The Maths Learning Centre (MLC) is a free service open to all DkIT students. The MLC aims to provide additional Mathematics support and offers a number of services including 'drop-in' sessions, small group workshops on specific topics & one-on-one support sessions. Further details on all of these services can be found below:

The MLC is located in Room P1056 of the P.J. Carrolls Building. 

If you wish to book a one-to-one session, reserve a place at one of the focused tutorials or have any questions about the MLC please do not hesitiate to contact us by email to

Weekly Workshops:

The MLC runs weekly workshops on topics related to current module content. Check out the news section of this page to see what workshops are running this week. If there is a topic you would like us to run a workshop on then simply let us know by dropping into the MLC (Tues. 2-4 & Wed/ Thurs. 2-5) or drop us an email to:


(Sample of topic/time/location below)

Tutorial on Integration:  Wednesday 29th April from 2-3pm in NW213. 
Tutorial on Parametric Equations: Wednesday 29th April 3-4/ 4-5. (Come along to the MLC-P1056).


Karen Daly is a DkIT mathematics lecturer who has created support videos on a variety of topics including fractions, BOMDAS, indices, scientific notation ..., Number Systems, Matrices & Linear Transformations. Follow the link below to Karen's youtube channel:

(Karen's video are particularly useful for anyone requiring a refresher course on basic arithmetic and/or students studying Computing at DkIT). 

Help with Maths

If you are worried about your mathematics skills, feeling a little rusty or would like to explore new mathematical concepts then we recommend that you check out Khan Academy.

What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy: Provides free online support on maths and other topics. Khan can help you learn independently building skills and mastery's through the use of videos and quizzes.
(The MLC is happy to support your use of Khan academy, in particular in identifying the appropriate Khan topics and skills to match your needs.) 

Khan Academy is a free, online resource that contains thousands of mathematics videos and quizzes which can be accessed at anytime.

It will allow you to work independently and at your own pace to fill in any gaps in your mathematics knowledge, from fractions & percentages to logs & powers, or to gain mastery in entire subject areas. You may also find it useful with some of the new topics you will meet in DkIT so why not find out more.

How do I use Khan Academy?

To get started on your Khan journey:

Click the link and create your own Khan Academy account, you can choose to set up your account via. email, facebook or google.
When you log in to your new account you may be asked to: Unlock your dashboard by Completing a Warm-up mission which is a short quiz, this will allow you start your personalised journey through Khan.

There are a number of ways in which you can access the maths resources in Khan Academy:

  • Access materials on specific topics through the search bar at the top of the Khan page.
  • Simply type the topic you want some help with.. fractions, equations...into the subject bar; or choose a pre-defined mission
  • A personalised, route through a specific maths subject.
  • On the top bar of your Khan account page, you will see a subject button, click this and scroll down to math to view the various missions available. ARITHMETIC and ALGEBRA BASICS are good missions to start with.

Have a question? Get in touch.

PJ Carroll Building
Room: P1056