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Research Strategy

Dundalk Institute of Technology conducts research of an international standing in its prioritised established research themes. Research is driven by global needs whilst impacting upon society and the economy. DkIT undertakes research that has an impact on real lives – locally and globally.

Research in DkIT is centred on Research Clusters. Each cluster focuses on a prioritised research theme or an area of emerging importance. The Dundalk Institute of Technology Research Strategy 2017-2020:

  • Sets out the recent developments in both National and European research and innovation policy which has informed the strategic positioning of research within the Institute
  • Details the Institute’s past performance in terms of its research and innovation agenda
  • Illustrates the concentrated and consolidation of our research into key strengths whilst identifying the need to support emerging areas of activity
  • Details the suite of strategic imperatives, specific actions and associated key performance indicators which will enable the institute to deliver upon its research vision and to remain one the leading research-intensive Institutes of Technology
  • Underpins the Institute’s current Strategic Plan and builds upon previous research strategies

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Our Research Strategy 2017-2020 provides a roadmap for future growth and development at DkIT, underpinned by Research and Innovation.

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Our Research Clusters

Dundalk Institute of Technology conducts research of international standing, driven by global needs with positive real-world societal, environmental and economic impacts. The research undertaken at DkIT has an impact on real lives - both locally and globally. Research is centred around 4 main Research Clusters, each one aligned with our academic and research strengths. These clusters can be divided into our 3 prioritised and established Research Themes and our "Emerging Areas".

ICT, Health & Ageing

Understanding fundamental aspects of health and disease and harnessing IT to facilitate health, wellbeing and healthy ageing.

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Energy & Environment

Research within the Energy & Environment theme is led by the Centre for Renewable Energy (CREDIT) and the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies (CFES).

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Creative Arts Research Centre

Research within the Creative Arts focuses within five thematic strands and is led by the Creative Arts Research Centre.

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Emerging Areas

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS) is an area of emerging and increasing  importance in DkIT. Humanities and Social Science in particular are cross cutting topics, with far reaching impacts across many research disciplines.

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