Ageing research within DkIT is led by the Netwell (Social Networks, Environments and Technologies for Wellness and Ageing-in-place) and CASALA (Centre for Affective Solutions for Ambient Living Awareness) research centres. Netwell/CASALA are working together in collaboration with industry, governmental bodies and other academic Institutes in developing new ideas that enhance the quality of life and well-being of older people and those who care for them, through more integrated community-oriented services, more sustainable home and neighbourhood design, and more age-friendly technologies. Netwell’s mission is to promote Social Networks, Environments and Technologies for wellness and ageing-in-place. It aims to provide a Centre of Excellence for the applied research, development and application of innovative service models and technologies to support older-people to age-in-place. The main areas of Netwell’s research are focused on three primary areas:

  • Social gerontology to provide information on the social, economic, psychological and healthcare aspects of ageing
  • Environmental gerontology to improve the quality of the built environment through process and capability development
  • Geron-technology to develop and support a range technologies that fulfills the needs of an ageing society


CASALA is the commercialisation arm of Netwell and so collaborates with industry, service providers and citizens in applied research to offer a pathway from innovation right through to commercialisation. In particular CASALA focuses on better user awareness, smarter environments and smarter technologies and in helping to achieve product innovation and to bring products to market in the emerging Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) to enhance longer living in smarter places.

If you would like more information about the research activities of Netwell/CASALA please contact: Rodd Bond