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Research Centres & Groups

Embedded within and across each of our 3 priority clusters are our 6 world-renowned Research Centres. Each centre is home to some of the most innovative and creative researchers in the world, resulting in a critical mass of experts concerned with tackling some of the biggest global challenges.

ICT, Health & Ageing Research Centre at DkIT

ICT, Health & Ageing

Understanding fundamental aspects of health and disease and harnessing IT to facilitate health, well-being and healthy ageing.

Smooth Muscle Research Group

Led by Centre Director, Dr. Keith Thornbury, the SMRC represents the largest group of researchers, investigating the control of smooth muscle research function in Ireland and the UK.

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Ireland's leading research centre for ageing. Its core aim is to promote Social Networks, Environments and Technologies for wellness and ageing-in-place. This centre is led by Dr Julie Doyle.

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Regulated Software Research Centre

The core mission of the RSRC is to engage in regulatory software engineering research and to gain an international profile for Medical Device Software Process Research. Dr. Fergal McCaffrey is the Director of the RSRC.

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Centre for Renewable Energy (CREDIT) and the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies at DkIT

Energy & Environment

Research within the Energy & Environment theme is led by the Centre for Renewable Energy (CREDIT) and the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies (CFES).


The Centre for Renewables and Energy (CREDIT), led by Dr Fergal O’Rourke, aims to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of systems and technologies, contributing to Ireland's transition towards a clean energy future. The research focuses primarily on energy systems, through the development of novel technologies and the evaluation/optimisation of technologies and processes. 

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Centre for Fresh Water and Environmental Studies

CFES is an active and vibrant research centre within the School of Health and Science in DkIT. The CFES, led by Dr Eleanor Jennings, engages in inter and multi-disciplinary research that investigates environmental issues and evaluates effective solutions.

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Electrochemistry Research Group

The Electrochemistry Research Group carries out internationally recognised translational research within the field of electrochemistry, combining aspects of fundamental physical chemistry, surface chemistry and synthetic inorganic / organic chemistry for the development of novel nanostructured materials. 

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The Creative Arts Research Centre brings together researchers from music and media and aims to form synergies between the arts and humanities and innovative technologies, without undermining the integrity of core disciplines. The Creative Arts Research Centre at DkIT supports researchers across five thematic strands:

  • Creative Arts Practice
  • Media, Culture, Gaming, Community and Society
  • Creative Industries and Future Technologies
  • Musicology and Ethnomusicology
  • Creative and Aesthetic Pedagogies

This centre is co-directed by Dr. Daithí Kearney, representing the centre's music and teaching remits and Dr. Kieran Nolan, representing the Media and Technology remits.

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EMerging Areas Research at DkIT

Emerging Areas

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS) is an area of emerging and increasing importance in DkIT. Humanities and Social Science, in particular, are cross-cutting topics, with far-reaching impacts across many research disciplines.


For more Information, please contact the Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management and Marketing Group Leader, Dr Maeve McArdle.

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At DkIT, The Humanities Research Group conducts research activities across three thematic areas – History, Heritage and Culture; Literature and Culture; and Political and Social Contexts in Ireland. These research themes are underpinned by the broad contexts of Irish Studies and Border Studies. Group members specifically focus on areas such as British and Irish History, The Archaeology of Ancient Ireland, Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Irish Drama, Writing Borders, the impact of BREXIT on Irish politics and society and State building in modern Europe.

For more Information, please contact the Group Leader, Dr. Annaleigh Margey



The SOCIETY Research Group, established in DkIT in 2017 and led by Dr. Bernadette Brereton, is a dynamic research group of teachers, researchers and students. They draw on established expertise in the field of social sciences within the School of Business and Humanities. Social Sciences research, which seeks to understand the how’s and whys of human behaviour, is a diverse, interdisciplinary field of study which involves faculty from numerous disciplines such as sociology, including education and gender studies, social policy, youth work, psychology, economics and politics. Crucial to the Social Sciences Research Group is the examination of areas of change and challenge in Irish and global social life.

For more Information, please contact Dr. Bernadette Brereton



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