Postgraduate Research Opportunities

The latest postgraduate research opportunities available at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT)

Dundalk Institute of Technology are pleased to invite applications for several new PhD positions. These positions are co-funded through the HEA Technological Universities Transformation Fund and DkIT. Please refer to the individual project links for full project overviews and details on how to apply.

Project Title Project Reference Keywords Position Details and Application
The Northern Box: A Critical Study of the Button Accordion in Ulster 01AHSS2020 Ethnomusicology Irish traditional music, Button Accordion, Musical Style, Music Competitions Download Project Details
Intrapreneurship: Delivering Innovation, Creativity and Growth for the Irish Hospitality and Tourism Sector 02AHSS2020 Social Sciences, Business and Economic development, Intrapreneurship, Innovation, Strategic Renewal, Hospitality and Tourism Sector Download Project Details
The evidence of non- funerary monuments in Ireland. Commemoration as a political, economic and socio-cultural barometer in the 17th century 03AHSS2020 Early Modern History/Post-Medieval Archaeology, Memorialisation, Commemoration, Archaeology, Early Modern History Download Project Details
Media Representations of League of Ireland Football 04AHSS2020 Popular Culture; Football; Sports Media; Heritage; Fandom; Technology; Mass Media Download Project Details
An Analysis of Cultural Life on the Irish Border 1898-1925: Newry. 05AHSS2020 Cultural Studies, Theatre, Drama, Film, Performance, Borderlands, Literature Download Project Details
Adversarial Methods to Mitigate Detrimental Algorithmic Bias. 01STEM2020 Algorithmic Bias, Artificial Intelligence, Generative Adversarial Networks, Fairness Download Project Details
Carbon fluxes in the littoral zone of lakes with contrasting alkalinity concentrations 02STEM2020 carbon, littoral zone, high alkalinity, humic lakes, biogeochemistry Download Project Details
MULTISPEC: Ensiling multi-species swards 03STEM2020 Multi-species swards, silage, fermentation, ruminants Download Project Details
Safe and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Medical Devices – a Regulatory-Friendly Framework 01BIODESIGN2020 Medical device software, Algorithmic Bias, Artificial Intelligence Download Project Details


Masters by Research within the Regulated Software Research Centre

DkIT are pleased to invite applications for a Masters by Research within the Regulated Software Research Centre, within the School of Informatics and Creative Arts. This 27 month project is co-funded by Nova Leah and DkIT. Please see the below link for full project details and information on how to apply

Project Title Position Details and Application
Develop a Safety critical cybersecurity framework that identifies best practices and technologies to be used when developing a cybersecurity solution for connected safety-critical systems. Download Project Details

Please also see our Human Resources page for all Research Staff opportunities at DkIT.

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