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Submission of Thesis

After several years of hard work, you are now readying yourself to complete and submit your thesis for examination. Like every other examination, it requires planning and the input of several different units and personnel. In order to ensure that everything is in place for your thesis to be examined, it is necessary to give advance notice to the Graduate Studies Office of your intention to submit. 

  • All Postgraduate students, whether completing a Masters or a PhD are required to submit a completed PGR4 -Notice of intention to submit form. This should be submitted to your Principal Supervisor, who in turn, should submit it to the Graduate Studies Office within two weeks of receipt.

  • The submission of a Notice of Intention to Submit form should be carried out a minimum of 3 months in advance of the submission of your softbound thesis.

Details of what is Required:

For information regarding the layout and design of the Thesis format based on degree and discipline, please refer to the relevant sections of the Academic Regulations.

  • Postgrads are required to submit TWO soft-bound copies and one electronic copy of their thesis to the graduate studies office. Candidates must also, at this time, sign a Thesis Access Consent form, permitting access to their thesis. Under no circumstances, should a student or supervisor send the thesis directly to any of the examiners.
  • On completion of the examination process, TWO hardbound copies of the final corrected thesis should be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office. An electronic copy of the thesis, in a format/layout identical that that of the print copy must also be submitted.
  • Candidates are also required at the time of submission, to sign a declaration form (e-thesis submission Declaration Form) confirming that the E-version of the Final corrected thesis has been submitted to the Graduates Studies Offices.

For information relating to Thesis Ownership and temporary restriction of access, please refer to the relevant section of the Academic Regulations.


Further Information

  • Graduate Studies Office
  • Unit 13, Regional Development Centre