Lero @ DkIT

A critical component of the Regulated Software Research Centre is Lero @ DkIT.

RSRC researchers have been part of Lero since it was created in 2005. Currently the RSRC has research projects funded both through the SFI Lero CSET award and the SFI Lero Centre award. The research being performed through the SFI Lero CSET award is in the areas of medical device software traceability, medical device software roadmaps and the security of medical mobile apps.

The SFI Lero Centre award involves RSRC researchers working with software engineering researchers from all of the Universities within Ireland, DkIT is the only Institute of Technology within the Lero. The Lero research centre performs world class software research and the RSRC researchers within Lero perform research into medical device software development and testing. The RSRC researchers work with the following industrial partners in relation to this research: Expleo (SQS); Bluebridge Technologies; Portable Medical; StatSports Technologies International; Salasso; Aerogen; Dabl; and S3 Group.  

In 2023, the RSRC will start a new Lero project in collaboration with the Natural Computing and REsearch Centre in UNCD entitled AI for Athlete Activity Recognition and Analysis (AAARA). This project will explore the development and advancement of AI technology for athlete activity recognition and analysis in both homogeneous and heterogeneous sensor technology ecosystems.