Oifig na Gaeilge - Irish Language Office

Oifig na Gaeilge - Irish Language Office

Supporting and monitoring the implementation of Irish Language Scheme commitments and promoting a positive environment for the inclusion of Irish language in campus life.

The Institute recognises its duties, as a public body, regarding the provision of services in Irish and the rights of the public to avail of those services. We acknowledge the fundamental nature of Irish language rights and the need to treat both official languages on the basis of equality and we welcome and encourage those who may wish to interact with the Institute through Irish.

However, we recognise that our current service provision is at a very low level. In accordance with the Official Languages Act (2003), we therefore aim to improve the level of provision by means of a series of 3-year language schemes. The first of these came into force in October 2010. We are currently preparing a second scheme to succeed this.

Responsibility for implementation of the language scheme lies ultimately with the Executive Board, with ongoing implementation being carried out by the Heads of the various functional units (Academic and Administrative). The (part-time) Irish Language Officer, aided by the Meitheal na Gaeilge representative working group, will facilitate, support and monitor the workings of the scheme and the fulfillment of other obligations arising from the Act.

The text of the current scheme, along with other related items, can be found in the Documents section below.
The Meitheal na Gaeilge section includes membership details and meeting notes, the latter for members only (login required).

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