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Recovery College Winter Wellbeing Festival 17th January

14 January 2020

The Dublin North, North East Recovery College, in conjunction with Dundalk Institute of Technology present, “Journeys – Where I Am Now?, a Winter Wellbeing Festival as part of First Fortnight 2020. A morning of journeys, understanding and integration of wellbeing.

Our journey will commence on a high note as we launch our publication of selected stories and poems. ’’What I Know Now”, written by participants of the Dublin North North East Recovery College and Silver Thread workshops.

Also launching “Song Creation Collective”- our debut single C.D with original music, written and performed by students of Recovery College.

Together our launch showcases the artistic creativeness and talent of our diverse student community.

Following on with samples of our readings and song we move to a Dialogue with a panel, where we will recovery journeys and mental health.

We experience some taster workshops and wellbeing sessions. After an informative and fascinating morning, we will join again together for a final session of music and dance celebrating our transcultural recovery journey.

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