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Welcome the new Student Union Executive Team

08 July 2021

Newly elected DkIT SU President, Christopher (Chacho) O’Neill is a BB (Hons) in Business Student from Muirhevna Mor, Dundalk. Christopher is a two-term Vice President for engagement and ran for election to continue improving the overall student experience for students, and to increase the engagement and interaction between the SU, Students & the college, and to improve DkITSU into a better, friendly, more pro-active union.  Speaking on his first day in the office, Christopher said, 

I am excited to begin my new role as President of DkITSU. It is a great honor to be chosen by the student body of DkIT to represent them on panels in meetings such as governing body and strategic planning, I look forward to helping to make DkIT an even better place for students to learn and get involved.

Students should look forward to a busy schedule this year as the team has already set in motion planning an array of events for the coming year which range from social events on and off campus to mental health and wellbeing events and guest speakers for students to take part in, in accordance with public health guidelines.  

Caitlin Connor, DkIT SU VP for Student Engagement will take the lead on all social activities organized by the SU. Caitlin hails from Drogheda and is a BB in Business and Management. Caitlin is a former Vice President for Welfare & Equality, switching to Engagement this year as she always had a passion for organizing events and campaigns. Also speaking today, she added:  

A virtually hectic year it’s been for all of us, a climate we did not sign up for as student life as never been more disrupted. Not to worry though, as I fully intend to make your academic year 2021/2022 the most memorable yet. Events will be bigger and better, alongside enhancing your educational experience as a student here at DkIT is at my key focus. We intend to run academic campaigns entailing how you can re-adapt to your life back on campus, continuing to provide high standard class rep training and overall doing our utmost best to improve your educational experience.


All three team members have set their sights on creating a more inclusive campus with events to cater to all aspects of college life and our diverse student body. Katie Ryan, from Carlow, takes up the position as SU’s Vice President of Welfare and Equality. Katie has just completed the 3 year BA in Sport, Exercise, and Enterprise and a 1-year add-on in BA (Hons) in Sports, Exercise and Enterprise at DkIT.  Within her role, Katie aims to help de-stigmatise Mental Health on campus and to improve DkIT's awareness of welfare. 

Speaking during her first day of the job, she said, 

Mental health is unique in the way that it can be hidden with a fake smile. I want our students to be aware of the support services in place which are free to all students, I also want to normalize the conversation, educate our students, and make STI tests a regular part of life. I want time dedicated to educating our students on how to use pronouns, gender identities and sexual orientation. So that our students know how to speak to or refer to others correctly. DkIT is a diverse community. We have numerous nationalities and races that should be celebrated. I want to share our students experiences of growing up in Ireland being of a different ethnicity. Education will also be provided on many topics such as colorism


On behalf of the Institute, we welcome the new team on board and look forward to seeing what the team has in store for the new academic year which commences in September. 

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