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Thinking About Going Back to Education? Start with Headstart.

07 April 2022

Have you ever thought about going back to education, but felt too overwhelmed or intimidated at just trying to figure out how you could manage it or whether you’d be capable for it? Dundalk Institute of Technology in conjunction with Louth LEADER Partnership (LLP) would love to help you on your journey to make the decision and then action it through our Headstart programme. Our focus is to support you, build your self-confidence and remove as many obstacles as possible to allow you access to life changing learning and help you fulfil your educational dreams. DkIT and LLP are absolutely delighted to announce that we are starting our Headstart program once again on Campus this April.

Our Headstart program is aimed at people thinking about going to college and comprises of 3 hours a week over 8- weeks course. This programme focuses on the main skills you will need for college which includes, academic writing, presentation skills, group work, time management, learning to learn, career guidance and assignment feedback. It is delivered on our DkIT campus in a warm, engaging, friendly environment and along with weekly classes, it offers one to one time with lecturers to support learners with their specific needs.

This course is open to absolutely everyone and anyone who has ever thought that they would like to go to college but thought it wouldn’t be possible for them. Don't let worries about your educational qualifications or not having a Leaving Certificate stop you from thinking about starting college, because as a mature student this is not what DkIT focuses on. As part of the Headstart programme, we can work with you and help you put your application together for DkIT. 

Tony Carolan Headstart Graduate and current DkIT Student

‘I never thought it would be possible for someone like me to go to college, I always thought it was for other people, no one in my family ever went to college or talked about it. The Headstart program was brilliant, I got so much help from the very beginning. The tutors were unbelievable they made everything so easy and constantly supported me’


Johdi Quinn (DkIT Pathways & Headstart Co-ordinator, Community Development and Spanish Lecturer) said:

The biggest impact for me is that learners who are now studying at DkIT told me that prior to doing Headstart, going to college was beyond their wildest dreams. We have reached people and communities who have always thought that education wasn’t for them, we have helped by taking down the barriers between them and going back to college brick by brick in a warm, non-threatening and personalised way. We really see our students as people with families, with worries, with fears, with hopes and not just as a number on a page. Headstart is not just about people returning to education. I believe it has given people confidence, resilience, the courage to start living again and more than anything, hope’.


Maeve Harkin, the SICAP Social Inclusion Manager Louth LEADER Partnership

To date 58 people have graduated from the Headstart Programme. DkIT are thrilled to report that Headstart graduates are in all 4 years of their DkIT Degrees including courses such as Social Care, Community Youth Work, Arts, Audio & Music Production, Creative Media, Hospitality Management, General Nursing and Mental Health Nursing. Many graduates have also secured employment after completing the Headstart programme.’

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