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Summer Undergraduate Research Programme Science Podcast Project

01 October 2021

The Summer Undergraduate Research Programme is an initiative co-ordinated and funded by the Institute's Research Office to encourage students to develop their research skills. Over the next couple of months we will look at some of the projects supported this summer. One of the successful projects undertaken was the Science Podcast Project

In this cross-disciplinary project two students, Eimear Mattison from the Department of Creative Arts, Media and Music and Steven Byatt from the Department of Life and Health Science were chosen to work together on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) based project to produce a podcast on a particular scientific topic of current interest. STEAM methodology has become a way to engage not just students, but the general public in the sciences. Podcasting is an ideal STEAM vehicle as the process of creating a podcast requires both creative and technical skills. Steven and Eimear worked over the course of 6 weeks to develop and produce a podcast around the topic of vaccines. The finished product is an example of interdisciplinary teamwork at its best. Follow the link here to hear the finished product.  

For more information on this SURP project please contact Dr Bridget Kelly ( or Richard Price ( 

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