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N-TUTORR - May 2024

30 May 2024

Student Competency Framework

On April 29th, a combination of Stream 1 leads, Institutional leads, Student Empowerment Co-ordinators, Student Champions and other N-TUTORR and Institutional experts met to explore the generation of a Student Competency Framework. Representing DkIT were Moira Maguire, Ronan Bree, Gerry Gallagher and Angela Magennis.  The workshop explored other available frameworks, whereby each was considered in terms of N-TUTORR.  Still work in progress, the goal is that this framework will support digital literacy and sustainable citizenship. It is hoped this body of work will be completed early in the next academic year.

PowerBI – visualising data

In order to identify ways to explore data analysis, visualisation and interpretation, members of the N-TUTORR team as well as some Institutional colleagues undertook training in PowerBI to learn more about its capabilities.  There is certainly scope to generate supports to benefit institutional programme teams, and this remains an aspect the project is keen to further develop.

Student Support Chatbot

From the seven N-TUTORR partners, DkIT and ATU were selected to develop a student chatbot pilot. As part of the efforts locally, we have been exploring the concept of academic integrity, as well as student wellbeing, focused chatbots.  In parallel, our ATU colleagues are exploring an exam based chatbot, to support their students on each of their campus locations.  Exciting plans in place to push forward with this initiative across both N-TUTORR partners.

Schools of ICA, and Engineering’s Curriculum Framework and Programmatic Review Events

Building on the School of H&S’s events during April, the N-TUTORR Curriculum Framework and Programmatic Review focused events continued during May, with the School of Engineering and the School of Informatics and Creative Arts holding their events. Thanks to everyone involved.  The feedback continues to be positive.

New N-TUTORR Student Champion call in DkIT

Following the success of the national N-TUTORR Student Champion programme, the process will run again with 7 DkIT student champions being identified to engage until the end of the year.  Following a call, applicants have been shortlisted with interviews scheduled for June.

AdvanceHE Fellowships

Following an all staff e mail to determine interest in the AdvanceHE Fellowship programme, an information session took place with AdvanceHE to outline the process to interested staff, and how N-TUTORR can potentially support applications. We hope this will prove a means to continue enabling our staff, and developing their capabilities.

N-TUTORR Programme Steering Board (PSB) meeting

This month’s PSB meeting took place in the setting of TU Dublin’s Central Quad. The meeting was opened by TU Dublin’s interim President, Prof. John Doran, while Dr. Brian Gormley joined us to outline plans for climate action leadership training as part of the N-TUTORR project. A busy day for the team, but a lot of collective progress made throughout the day.

ESD Masterclass

This month’s N-TUTORR masterclass focused on the topic of Education for Sustainable Development.  Presented via a series of lightning talks from across the partners, Dr. Caroline Gilleran Stephens represented DkIT, where she outlined her N-TUTORR Fellowship project entitled ‘Tik Tok for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’.  A recording will be available on the website in the near future.

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