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N-TUTORR - February 2024

29 February 2024

N-TUTORR Week kicks off across the Sector

As we reflect on the month just past, the N-TUTORR project has seen a significant level of progress both locally and nationally – culminating in ‘N-TUTORR Week’ taking place across all TU/IoTs in recent days.  There were 10 exciting events across DkIT, all positively received by those in attendance. The feedback thus far has been exceptional, in particular for Dr. Katriona O’Sullivan’s highlight talk in our packed Whitaker Theatre on the Tuesday. In total, over 450 people registered to attend events taking place on our campus, and we are delighted N-TUTORR was able to support our community with this week-long initiative. Well done to all organisers and presenters, the DkIT N-TUTORR team, supportive colleagues across the Institute, and Ciara O’Shea who has been assisting and guiding event organisers. We look forward to sharing a reflection on the week with everyone soon, while several more staff- and student-led events are being scheduled for the near future.

N-TUTORR website for DkIT Staff in place

In order to support awareness of the project’s background, focus and resources, a local website was developed by Sean Egan of our Marketing and Communications team. By accessing the site here, people can read more about streams and workpackages associated with the N-TUTORR project, in addition to accessing training platforms full of opportunities for upskilling and/or professional development, and more. 

N-TUTORR Curriculum Framework

As part of N-TUTORR’s Stream 2 - which centres on developing staff capabilities – a ‘Sustainable Higher Education Futures’ Curriculum Framework, Guiding Principles, and a supporting Staff Toolkit were developed (now available via the DkIT N-TUTORR Project website’s dedicated section). These Framework and Guiding Principles were noted by our Academic Council recently, while DkIT’s goals - both at a strategic and programmatic review level - align well with their content and focus. They, in combination with the staff toolkit, and a staff needs analysis tool currently in development, are designed to support lecturers and programme teams in their review of programmes as part of programmatic review. Collated by the curriculum framework national team, the toolkit’s resources are arranged by N-TUTORR project theme, and are framed by a rationale, implementation, and a soon to be included, educator ‘perspective’ video series.  Thanks to all the team including Ronan Bree, Ciara O’Shea, Arjan van Rossum who have been leading out on elements of this work, in addition to the Catherine Staunton for invaluable input in relation to employability.

 Linkedin Learning now LIVE for all DkIT Staff and Students – access now possible via Moodle!

Please note that now all staff and students can access Linkedin Learning via Moodle. Everyone has received access details via e mail (Staff 01 Dec, Students 07 Feb), but now – with thanks to Gerry Gallagher - you can also access via the Linkedin Learning logo on the Moodle right hand side dashboard when you log in.  Please set up your free account to access courses – and please consider promoting this with colleagues and student groups.

N-TUTORR PSB meeting in Tralee

The Programme Steering Board (PSB) held its most recent meeting in MTU Tralee’s North Campus.  A busy agenda, but further progress made collectively across the partners.  The next stop for the PSB will be DkIT.  We look forward to welcoming our colleagues to our vibrant campus soon.

Fellowships and Student Champions

As part of Stream 1 of the project, N-TUTORR’s Angela Magennis continues to support DkIT’s ten Fellowship teams and seven Student Champions. In the the very near future, and coming out of Stream 1 where Moira Maguire is Co-Lead, the ‘Student Digital Backpack’ will be launched locally.  Students can access short, non-accredited courses using their DkIT log in credentials, receiving a digital badge for their successful efforts. Keep an eye out for further details locally – but it can be accessed via its own dedicated website, or via the DkIT Moodle Dashboard.

 “Teamwork makes the dreamwork”

What has truly resonated with me and the project team has been the incredible support we have had across all corners of DkIT in relation to N-TUTORR initiatives. What you see is the culmination of a great deal of work that often goes on behind the scenes. Many people have come together across all functional divisions to support the team.  While this occurs every day, it was particularly evident during the recent N-TUTORR Week events, where a collective effort occurred to make a dream become a reality. Thank you to everyone who planned, organised, led, attended, and supported the organisation of these events – all your contributions facilitated a highly impactful week of events for DkIT staff and students. Thank you everyone - Ronan


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