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Enabling a lifetime of independence

01 February 2017

New Frontiers alumni Lisa Marie Clinton, founder of avail, is helping a generation of people experience a level of independence that they couldn't previously have hoped for.  

From Co. Monaghan, Lisa Marie was featured recently on RTE's Nationwide programme which showed the avail platform in use and the difference it has made in the lives of a number of individuals who have been provided with it. What became quickly evident is that avail is revolutionising the way people with disabilities, such as Autism, Down Syndrome and other special needs are supported in their daily lives.

Building on over 10 years of in-depth, hands on experience in the field of education and skills for individuals with developmental and learning disabilities, the idea for avail, was sparked when Lisa Marie was working as an ABA (applied behavioural analysis) tutor and saw first-hand the importance of task analysis, discrete trial training, individualised supports, and visual prompts for children with Autism. While working with many families in their home environment, she witnessed the challenges parents face in providing and obtaining the right supports for their children.

Furthermore, she observed that there was a glaring lack of opportunities for children transitioning into adulthood, who were being effectively ‘aged out’ of new opportunities, especially in the area of technology. 

Lisa Marie set about changing this situation by creating a tool to promote lifelong learning, focusing on helping children and young adults to live an independent life or reach a point that are able to fulfil their maximum potential. Backed up with thorough research completed in 2014, Lisa Marie completed Phase 1 of the New Frontiers Programme in DkIT, and also won the Best Start-Up category (2015) for Monaghan in Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE) competition.  

This attention to detail, coupled with her driving passion, led to the development and launch of this revolutionary support that is transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities.

For further information visit avail's website here 

or click below to see RTE's Nationwide feature.